Release Date:  15   May  1998

          The library contains input parameters for theoretical calculations of nuclear reaction cross sections.  Incident and outgoing particles can be n, p, d, t, 3-He, 4-He, and gamma with energies up to about 100 MeV.

          Numerical data are arranged in seven segments/directories (RIPL Starter File):

No Directory     


1 MASSES Atomic Masses and Deformations
2 LEVELS     Discrete Level Schemes
3 RESONANCES Average Neutron Resonance Parameters
4 OPTICAL       Optical Model Parameters
5 DENSITIES Level Densities (Total, Fission, Partial)
6 GAMMA Gamma-Ray Strength Functions
7 ANGULAR Continuum Angular Distributions

         RIPL is being developed under an international project coordinated by the IAEA.  Phase I of the project, conducted in 1994-1997, resulted in the creation of the RIPL Starter File (numerical data) and the RIPL Handbook (description).

         Principal and most useful role in the project played official participants, followed by active additions from other contributors as listed below.  Tribute to many further scientists whose work so valuably contributed to the library is reflected, to the extent possible, in the file names and in due reference to their work.

Participants of the RIPL Project, Phase I:

M.B. Chadwick
Group T-2, Los Alamos National Laboratory
MS B243, Los Alamos
NM 87545, USA
T. Fukahori
Nuclear Data Center
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Tokai-mura, Naka-gun
Ibaraki-ken 319-11, Japan
A.V. Ignatyuk   (Chairman)
Institute of Physics and Power Engineering
Bondarenko Sq. 1, 249020 Obninsk
Kaluga Region, Russia
S. Kailas
Nuclear Physics Division
Bhabha Atomic Research Center
Trombay, Bombay 400 085, India
G. Molnar
Institute of Isotopes
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
P.O. Box 77, H-1525 Budapest, Hungary
P. Oblozinsky (Scientific Secretary)
IAEA Nuclear Data Section
Wagramerstrasse 5, P.O. Box 100
A-1400 Vienna, Austria
G. Reffo
Nuclear Data Center,  E.N.E.A.
Via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4
I-40129 Bologna , Italy
Z. Su
China Institute of Atomic Energy
P.O. Box 275 (41)
Beijing 102413, China
M. Uhl  (Deceased)
Institut fuer Radiumforschung und Kernphysik
Boltzmanngasse 3
  A-1090 Vienna, Austria
P.G. Young
Group T-2, Los Alamos National Lab
MS B243, Los Alamos
NM 87545,  USA

Other Contributors to Phase I:

M. Avrigeanu
Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering
P.O. Box MG-6, 76900 Bucharest, Romania
O. Bersillon
Service de Physique et Techniques Nucleaires
Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Bruyeres-le-Chatel
B.P. 12, F-91680 Bruyeres-le-Chatel, France
E. Betak
Institute of Physics
Slovak Academy of Sciences
84228 Bratislava, Slovakia
R. Capote Noy
Centro de Estudios Aplicados al Desarollo Nuclear
Calle 30 No. 502 e/5ta y 7ma
Miramar, Playa
11300 Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba
J. Kopecky
JUKO Research
Kalmanstraat 4
NL-1817 HX Alkmaar
The Netherlands
V.M. Maslov
Radiation Physics and Chemistry Problems
Belarus Academy of Science
220109 Minsk-Sosny, Belarus