Nuclear Levels Segment

Discrete Levels and Decay Data

Compilation of nuclear level schemes extracted from the ENSDF (CD-ROM in the Table of Isotopes - version 1998) . Missing spins were inferred uniquely from spin distributions constructed using the available spins up to the highest known level. Missing Internal Conversion Coefficients (ICC) were calculated using inferred or available spins. Decays other than electromagnetic are given if available.

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Utility Codes for Nuclear Levels Segment

Collection of FORTRAN codes used to prepare, read and analise level schemes.

Codes (422 kB)

Retrieval of Discrete Levels

Atomic number (Z) Mass number (A)

Discrete Levels in the GNASH Format

Atomic number (Z) Mass number (A)

Cumulative Plot

Atomic number (Z) Mass number (A) Max Excitation Energy MeV

Level Parameters (analysis of level schemes)

Cut-off energies (Umax) for completeness of level schemes and completeness of spins (Uc) for a given level scheme as determined from the constant temperature fit of nuclear levels. Parameters for calculation of nuclear level densities (nuclear temperature, 'back-shift' and spin cut-off) and some additional parameters are also given.

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Retrieval of Level Parameters

Atomic number (Z) Mass number (A) (blank for all)