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Two programs have been written to display the contents of NUBASE in a user friendly environment.

* 1 - For PC computers, the program NUCLEUS integrates an "Educational" display developed in collaboration with the Palais de la découverte, Paris, to be used for the "Centenial of the Radioactivity" exhibition. Nucleus now exists in a "Windows" version.
* NUCLEUS status report
* To download NUCLEUS:
for Windows-XP, Windows-NT or Windows-2000, click on
Nucleus-Win (in case Windows-NT or Windows-2000 asks for GdiPlus.dll, please download it from here and copy it in directory c:\Program Files\Nucleus-Win\GdiPlus.dll).
Nucleus-Win3 for the 3D-version   (Note: the 3D function requires a good level graphic-card. You may also need to install the DirectX package for 3D from Microsoft).
for DOS, Windows-3.11, Windows-95, Windows-98 or Windows-ME, click on, to download the NUCLEUS program;, second zip-file for Nucleus;
unzip.exe, to decompress the above 2 files.

* 2 - Directly from the AMDC Web: jvNubase is a JAVA applet that can be run from any JAVA compatible browser.
* Click on jvNuBase to consult NUBASE now !

Both display programs will be updated regularly to allow the AMDC user to check for the latest available information in NUBASE.


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