Electron and Photon Interaction Cross Sections

NOTE_1 - An error was discovered in the EPDL library. It applies to the EPDL data in ENDL-format only. The corrected data were uploaded on 15 February 2018.

NOTE_2 - Based on user-feedback the floating-point number representation in the libraries in ENDL format was changed from "D" to "E" for better compatibility with codes other than Fortran. The modified files were uploaded on 19 July 2018. No changes to the numerical values were made.

(These data supersede all earlier versions of the data libraries EADL, EEDL and EPDL )

Prepared by:

Dermott E. Cullen
National Nuclear Data Center, BNL, alumnus
Nuclear Data Section, IAEA, Vienna, alumnus
University of California, LLNL, retired
1466 Hudson Way
Livermore, CA 94550

(Note: If the files look scrambled, try a different browser or "right-click" and "save as..." locally, then open the file with a txt editor).


For use in Radiation Shielding Applications we need:

The information on this web site provides the data needed for photon and electron radiation transport calculations. They represent an improvement over the previous work, presented at Santa Fe in 2002.


The documents describing individual library files are:
EADL atomic data are described in the IAEA-NDS-0224 document,
EEDL electron data are described in the IAEA-NDS-0226 document,
EPDL photon data are described in the IAEA-NDS-0225 document.

Additional documents describe:
Content and Formats of the present libraries, and
LLNL Format used at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Older background documents include:
EPICS2014 EPICS2014 description,
ENDL Library Content,


Data Files in ENDF-6 of ENDL format
RELAX utility code download
Related Codes/Formats

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