Comparison CINDA vs. EXFOR and NSR
    in order to find missing EXFOR compilations

    V.Zerkin (March-May, 2008)

    This page contains materials related to the work of WPEC Subgroup-30 having the aim
    "Quality improvement of the EXFOR database".

  1. Main: to find publications in CINDA which have to be compiled to EXFOR database
  2. Also: to estimate completeness of EXFOR database
  3. Optional: to improve CINDA and NSR databases by cross-checking CINDA-NSR
  1. Search in CINDA References to data:
    1. experimental
    2. neutron induced reactions
    3. published before 2004 (starting date of EXFOR centralized management system)
  2. For selected References:
    1. find out whether publication was compiled to EXFOR (CINDA-Blocks contain line with Reference: 4,EXFOR#####)
    2. or: whether publication was defined as suitable for EXFOR compilation, but not yet compiled (0,EXFOR00000)
    3. or: it was partially compiled, but data were not yet received from author (0,EXFOR#####)
    4. find out whether CINDA Comment contains flags "Table given" and "Graph is given"
    5. find NSR KeyNo corresponding to Reference-code
  3. For selected <Reference-Year>:
    1. find References in NSR which are missing in CINDA (or correspondence was not found)
      Criteria*: (N,*) & JOUR & Measured & (SIGMA | DSIGMA | FISSION | RESONANCE)
      *Thanks Mark Kellett for help
  4. Produce output as html-pages with:
    1. CINDA References with flags, NSR-KeyNo and links to CINDA, EXFOR, NSR
    2. Annual statistics with counts of references in CINDA, to be in EXFOR, having Tables/Graphs, missing in CINDA compare to NSR and missing in NSR compare to CINDA
    3. Total statistics with total counts and comparison: CINDA-EXFOR, CINDA-NSR, NSR-CINDA
    Links to output:
  1. Journal Physical Review, Part C, Nuclear Physics
  2. Journal Nuclear Physics, Section A
  3. Journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics
  4. Journal Nuclear Science and Engineering
  5. Journal Radiochimica Acta
  6. Journals
  7. Conferences
  8. Reports
  9. Thesis or dissertation
  10. All: Journals + Conferences + Reports +dissertation
Summary (all types of publications)
Total CINDA references (exp., N, publ.<2004) 32067A
Already in EXFOR22832 71.2%B B%:B/A
Defined in CINDA as "To be compiled to EXFOR", but not yet in EXFOR218 0.9%C C%:C/(B+C)
Having CINDA-flag "Table or Graph given", but not selected for compilation1946 8.4%D D%:D/(B+C)
Found in NSR, but not found among CINDA references935 4.0%E E%:E/(B+C)
CINDA references, not found in NSR (for selected journals only) 533F

Created by V.Zerkin, IAEA, Vienna, 2008