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 ENDF format of FENDL/A-2.0

The format  is essentially that of the MF=3 file of ENDF-5 format with the following deviations:

  • The material number MAT consists of Z and two last digits of A. To describe metastable targets MAT is increased by 50 or 70 (m1 or m2, respectively). For example, for stable and m1 metastable target nucleus 67-Ho-166 the material numbers are 6766 and 6816, respectively. For stable and m2 metastable target nucleus 65-Tb-156 the material numbers are 6556 and 6626, respectively. Consequently, the order of the target nuclides  is not always in accordance with the increasing Z and A. This applies only to the pointwise format data, not to the multi-group constant library, for which another MAT number with more digits is used .
  • The identifiers LIS and LFS are used to indicate  states (isomers) of the target and final nucleus, respectively. LFS = 99 means total production cross-section; LFS is 0 for ground state, 1 for m1, and 2 for m2. The reaction numbers (MT) are that of ENDF format, except that MT's for reactions leading to metastable states have been increased by 300 and 600 (for m1 and m2, respectively). In case the isomer production is included, the standard ENDF notation denotes cross sections for the  production of the ground state only ('g' not  'm+g').

In the pointwise file, the reaction to the ground state is given first  and followed by the reactions to the metastable states (if any).

In order to enable fully automatic retrieval of the history of previous renormalizations and performing new renormalization, the comment line has been recently simplified and only two major items are stored:

  • The source of the data adopted is quoted in a format FACTOR*SOURCE (e.g. 1.0000+00*JEF-2.2 means, the data are taken from JEF-2.2 with no renormalization; 8.2500-01*ENDF/B-VI, the ENDF/B-VI data have been renormalized by a factor of 0.825 ).
  • The flag RN gives information on experimental or systematics renormalizations, respectively. It is in the format RN - XXX/YYY. The first item stands for the total cross section at 14.5 MeV, while the second refers to the isomeric branching (e.g.RN - EXP/SYS means that total cross section has been normalized to the experiment, while the ground state to first isomer ratio has been estimated using systematics).

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