Integral Experiment on Li2O Cylindrical Assembly
        Version 1.0     compiled on March 8, 1994

Authors H. Maekawa,  Y. Ikeda,  Y. Oyama,  S. Yamaguchi,  K. Tsuda,  T. Fukumoto,
                K. Kosako,  M. Yoshizawa  and  T. Nakamura

Organization    Department of Reactor Engineering, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
                Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken, 319-11, Japan

Facility        FNS, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

Date            1983

Measured Quantities
        (i) Tritium Production Rate
                Li-Pellet with Liquid Scintillation Counter
                Li-Glass Counter
                NE213 Counter (indirect method)
        (ii) Fission Rate
                Micro-Fission Chambers: Th-232, U-235, Np-237 and U-238
                Fission Track Detectors:        Th-232 and U-238
         (iii) Reaction Rate
                Foil Activation Technique
        (iv) In-System Neutron Spectrum
                14 mm Diam. Sphere NE213


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