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Fusion Evaluated Nuclear Data Library



A comprehensive, validated, and extensively tested  nuclear data library developed for fusion (thermonuclear) applications and actually used for the ITER design. Evaluations contained in the library are judged to be the best available by February 1997. Therefore, their use is recommended also for other (non-fusion) applications. FENDL version 2.0 consists of the following  sublibraries:

  • ACTIVATION (FENDL/A-2.0)- neutron activation cross sections for 13006 reactions on 739 targets ranging from 1-H up to 248-Cm at incident energies up to 20 MeV. Pointwise and processed data in different formats are included. Plots are available!

  • DECAY (FENDL/D-2.0) - decay properties (decay type, decay energy, and half life) for 1867 nuclides and isomers. FENDL/D-2.0 sublibrary is complementary to the activation sublibrary. Pointwise and processed data are included.

  • DOSIMETRY (FENDL/DS-2.0) - neutron cross sections to be used for reactor neutron dosimetry by foil activation, radiation damage cross-sections, and benchmark neutron spectra. This sublibrary is identical to the International Reactor Dosimetry File (IRDF-90). Pointwise and processed data are included.

  • FUSION (FENDL/C-2.0) - charged-particle cross sections for the following fusion reactions: 1-H-2(d,n)2-He-3, 1-H-2(d,p)1-H-3, 2-He-3(d,p)2-He-4, 1-H-3(t,2n)2-He-4, and 1-H-3(d,n)2-He-4. Pointwise and processed data are included.

  • TRANSPORT  - validated basic nuclear data (neutron-nucleus interaction including photon production, and photon-atom interaction cross sections) for 57 nuclides relevant for fusion. In addition to the pointwise data (FENDL/E-2.0), the sublibrary also contains processed data FENDL/MG-2.0 and FENDL/MC-2.0 to be used in the  discrete-ordinates and Monte Carlo transport calculations respectively.

  • BENCHMARKS - collection of benchmarks for FENDL-2.0 validation.

ATTENTION: Files with -GZ suffix are compressed with GNU gzip. Use gzip -d '' (without ' ') to uncompress downloaded file. Users of Microsoft Windows can use WinZip version 4.0 or higher for uncompressing.


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