Fusion Evaluated Nuclear Data Library (Dec. 2004)

Participants at the IAEA Consultants' Meeting "Maintain FENDL Library for Fusion Applications", held in Vienna, 10-12 November, 2003, [INDC(NDS)-451] recommended unanimously an updating of the FENDL-2.0 transport libraries. The generation of the new library was undertaken by IAEA-NDS [INDC(NDS)-467], and these FENDL-2.1 data files are available to users by downloading and also on CD-ROM (upon request).

FENDL-2.1 package includes:
FENDL/E-2.1: Contains selected evaluated nuclear data files in ENDF-6 format. For a summary of changes from FENDL/E-2.0, see Table 1 [INDC(NDC)-467].

FENDL/MC-2.1: Contains pointwise continuous-energy cross section data in ACE format for MCNP calculations; also includes probability tables (PT) in the unresolved resonance range.

FENDL/MG-2.1: Contains multigroup cross section data in the 175n/42g Vitamin J energy structure for multigroup transport codes in two formats:
, which includes files in MATXS format from the NJOY module MATXSR.
FENDL/MG-2.1 (GENDF), which contains data in GENDF format from the NJOY modules GROUPR and GAMINR.

Data are available for 71 materials relevant for fusion at 300K. Additionally, the SIGACE package can be downloaded for Doppler broadening of ACE-formatted file - useful for generating ACE-formatted files at temperatures higher than 300K.

For the sake of completeness, NJOY inputs to generate ACE, MATXS and GENDF files are supplied. Furthermore, NJOY-99.90 local updates, as well as the auxiliary programs and WINDOWS batch files used to update and verify the FENDL-2.1 transport sublibraries, are also available.

Special purpose libraries:
Existing FENDL/DS-2.0 sublibrary for dosimetry was not updated; the use of IRDF-2002 is recommended instead. FENDL/A-2.0 sublibrary for activation and FENDL/D-2.0 decay data sublibrary were not updated - use of EAF-2003 (JEFF-3.0/A) is recommended; no changes are recommended to the FENDL/C-2.0 charged-particle sublibrary.

For more information see: "FENDL-2.1: Evaluated nuclear data library for fusion applications", INDC(NDS)-467, D. L. Aldama and A.Trkov, 2004.