International Atomic Energy Agency

FENDL/A in Pictures
Version 0.1, April-May 2000

Plots of Fendl/A-2.0 (Activation) cross sections along with available experimental data included in EXFOR (as of April 2000). In addition to static pictures interactive plotting with ZVView is provided.

- Full set of evaluations: Plain list,   Z-A Matrix
- Evaluations with experimental data only: MAT-MT Matrix with X2

  X2 defined as:

            x**2 formula

Following correspondence between MT and EXFOR reaction codes was used:
  MT  Reaction(s)
   4  (n,inl)
  16  (n,2n)
  17  (n,3n)
  22  (n,n+a) (n,a+n)
  24  (n,2n+a) (n,a+2n)
  28  (n,n+p) (n,p+n)
  29  (n,n+2a) (n,2a+n)
  32  (n,n+d) (n,d+n)
  33  (n,n+t) (n,t+n)
  34  (n,n+he3)
  42  (n,2n+p) (n,p+2n)
 102  (n,g)
 103  (n,p)
 104  (n,d)
 105  (n,t)
 106  (n,he3)
 107  (n,a)
 108  (n,2a)
 111  (n,2p)

V.Zerkin, NDS, IAEA, Vienna-2000