Nuclear Data Libraries for Advanced Systems: Fusion Devices

Fusion Evaluated Nuclear Data Library

Output of the CRP on Nuclear Data Libraries for Advanced Systems: Fusion Devices


The FENDL-3.0 library is superseded by an updated version


Participants at the Technical Meeting in October/November 2007 (INDC(NDS)-0525) defined the objectives of the CRP which were the updating and extension of FENDL-2.1 to make it applicable to both fusion devices such as ITER and DEMO and to material test facilities such as IFMIF. This would involve more materials, an extension of the energy range to higher energies and data for charged particle-induced reactions. In addition more emphasis on covariance data would make the library suitable for all fusion technology studies. The reports of the three RCMs are available (INDC(NDS)-0547, INDC(NDS)-0567 and INDC(NDS)-0602) as well as the summary documentation of the FENDL-3.0 library (INDC(NDS)-0628).


The FENDL-3.0 package contains evaluated nuclear data in ENDF-6 format both as General Purpose and Activation Files. In each case data are given for neutron-, proton- and deuteron-induced reactions up to a typical energy of 150 MeV for General Purpose and 60 MeV for Activation files. Not all targets in the General Purpose library contain covariance data and so an extract of the TENDL-2011 library with all the 180 targets of FENDL-3.0 is provided as a "shadow library" so that complete uncertainty calculations can be done. Processing of the basic files has been done so that a series of files are available for applications (INDC(NDS)-0611 and INDC(NDS)-06zz). These include:

  • FENDL/MC-3.0: Pointwise continuous-energy cross section data in ACE format for MCNP calculations; also includes probability tables (PT) in the unresolved resonance range.

  • FENDL/MG-3.0: Contains multigroup cross section data in the 175n/42g Vitamin J and the 212n/42g Vitamin J+ energy structuries for multigroup transport codes in two formats:
    - FENDL/MG-3.0 (MATXS), which includes files in MATXS format from the NJOY module MATXSR.
    - FENDL/MG-3.0 (GENDF), which contains data in GENDF format from the NJOY modules GROUPR and GAMINR.

  • Data are available for 180 materials relevant for fusion at 300K. Additionally, the SIGACE package can be downloaded for Doppler broadening of ACE-formatted file - useful for generating ACE-formatted files at temperatures higher than 300K.

  • For the sake of completeness, NJOY inputs to generate ACE, MATXS and GENDF files are supplied. Furthermore, NJOY-99.90 local updates, as well as the auxiliary programs and WINDOWS batch files used to update and verify the FENDL-3.0 transport sublibraries, are also available.

  • FENDL/A-3.0 is available in PENDF and GENDF formats. In addition the neutron-induced file is also available in a Generalised Nuclear Data (XML) format.

  • Validation

    The complete validation of the various parts of FENDL-3.0 is expected to be carried out following its release. However, the validation of preliminary files is reported in the presentations at the various RCMs and also for the activation file as a report (INDC(NED)-011).


  • Technical meeting held on 31 October - 2 November 2007 to define the CRP specific objectives
  • Project in preparation
  • 1st Research Coordination Meeting held from 2-5 December 2008 (1st RCM)
  • 2nd Research Coordination Meeting held from 23-26 March 2010 (2nd RCM)
  • 3rd Research Coordination Meeting held from 6-9 December 2011 (3rd RCM)

  • Summary Report of the TM held on 31 October - 2 November 2007 (here)
  • Summary report of the 1st RCM on FENDL-3 (here)
  • Summary report of the 2nd RCM on FENDL-3 (here)
  • Summary report of the 3rd RCM on FENDL-3 (here)
  • DURATION: 2008-2011

    CRP CODE: F44002

    CRP PROJECT OFFICER: Robin Forrest

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