3rd Consultant's Meeting on
R-matrix Codes for Charged-particle Reactions in the Resolved-Resonance Region

28 - 30 June 2017, IAEA, Vienna


The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the results of the test exercise defined at the 2nd CM on R-matrix Codes which was held from 5 to 7 December 2016 at the IAEA. The exercise was carried out before the meeting and involved an R-matrix fit of a relatively simple compound system, 7Be. The experimental data and energy range were limited to allow for two open channels, and the initial values of the R-matrix parameters were agreed to be the same for all participants involved. The goal was to be able to readily compare the resulting fitted resonance parameters and cross sections with their uncertainties. The details of the exercise can be found in INDC(NDS)-0726. Five codes were used in this exercise: AMUR, AZURE2, RAC, SFRESCO and SAMMY. The results were also compared with previous evaluations of 7Be performed with EDA5. The conclusions of the discussions and future actions decided at the meeting can be found in the meeting report.


The Agenda is available here.


The summary report is available as INDC(NDS)-0737.