INDEN: International Nuclear Data Evaluation Network

INDEN: International Nuclear Data Evaluation Network

CIELO follow-up: Technical Meeting on Long-term International Collaboration to Improve Nuclear Data Evaluation and Evaluated Data Files (18-21 December 2017, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria)


The Meeting is a follow-up to the evaluation activities undertaken within the OECD/NEA CIELO project (2011-2017). The IAEA has contributed to the OECD/NEA project as discussed in the IAEA CIELO webpage.
The purpose of the Technical Meeting is to define the scope and goals of the new International Nuclear Data Evaluation Network (INDEN), and coordinate interaction among international evaluators, theoreticians and experimentalists. It has been recognized that the evaluation process and technical interactions have been as important as the evaluated files. The IAEA plans to hold a series of meetings within the new INDEN collaboration. A priority list for new and/or continuing evaluations need to be defined.

The agenda of the meeting is available here. The summary report is in preparation.

INDEN list of nuclides with the highest priority (12/2017):

Light elements:

N-14,15; Be-9; Na-23

Structural elements:

Co-59; Ni-58 (to check other Ni isotopes)



Re-evaluations (due to identified issues):

Fe-56,57 (issues in elastic cross sections and angular distributions from 0.85 up to 6 MeV)
Pu-239 (use of newly recommended thermal PFNS, thermal nubar, resonance region)
U-238 (14 MeV leakage issues traceable to inelastic spectra, PFNS for En=5-8 MeV)