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The 2003 Atomic Mass Evaluation
The Atomic Mass Data Center

"The AME2003 atomic mass evaluation" is presented here in the form of four files:

The format of these data files are described in each of their headers (first 39 records). Note that the format is not identical to the 1993 and 1995 files. Additional information may be found on the Atomic Mass Data Center Web site ( This includes figures used in the evaluation and errata.


  1. The AME2003 atomic mass evaluation (I). Evaluation of input data, adjustment procedures. A.H. Wapstra, G. Audi, and C. Thibault. Nuclear Physics A729, 129 (2003).
  2. The AME2003 atomic mass evaluation (II). Tables, graphs, and references. G. Audi, A.H. Wapstra, and C. Thibault. Nuclear Physics A729, 337 (2003).

Previous Atomic Mass Evaluations

The files corresponding to "The 1993 Atomic Mass Evaluation (I)" and "The 1993 Atomic Mass Evaluation (II)" by G.Audi and A.H. Wapstra [Nuclear Physics A565 p. 1 and p. 66 (1993)] may be found in

The files corresponding to "The 1995 Update to the Atomic Mass Evaluation" by G. Audi qnd A.H. Wapstra [Nuclear Physics A595, 409 (1995)] may be found in

Other Sources of Atomic Mass and Q-value Data

Decay Q-values and reaction Q-values and threshold energies may be calculated using the QCALC forms at IAEA NDS or US NNDC . This form also allows retrievals of the atomic masses, Q-values, and separation energies contained in the 1995 Update to the Atomic Mass Evaluation.

Theoretical masses, Q-values, etc. based on "Nuclear Ground-State Masses and Deformations", by P. Möller, J. R. Nix, W. D. Myers, and W. J. Swiatecki [Atomic Data Nucl. Data Tables 59, 185 (1995)] may be obtained from (forms) or a Map of the Nuclides at (image maps). Experimental data from the 1995 Update to the Atomic Mass Evaluation are included in these sites. Reaction Q-values and threshold energies for projectiles and outgoing particles between 1n and 4He may be calculated using the form; these calculations are based on the 1995 Audi-Wapstra experimental masses when available, otherwise on the FRDM (1992) mass model.

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Wed Jan 21, 2004