Cross-Section database for medical radioisotope production: IAEA-CRP Nuclear Data Section, International Atomic Energy Agency Nuclear Data Section, International Atomic Energy Agency

Charged-particle cross section database for medical radioisotope production

Diagnostic radioisotopes and monitor reactions

The database contains evaluated cross sections for reactions induced by light charged-particles with incident energies up to several tens of MeV (maximum 100 MeV). Production cross sections for the most important diagnostic radioisotopes are given. 16 reactions are devoted to gamma emitters, 10 reactions devoted to positron emitters. Cross sections for beam monitor reactions are given for 22 reactions induced by protons, deuterons, 3-He, and alpha particles.

Complete documentation is available, including evaluation methodology, detailed bibliography, graphical and tabulated results. A hardcopy was published as IAEA-TECDOC-1211, May 2001, (pdf, 5.2 MB).

Definitions of the quantities given - production yields and cross sections - can be found here (pdf,15 kB).

The database was developed under the IAEA Coordinated Research Project 1995-1999, (F41014).
The participants and contributors to the project were:
S.M.Qaim   FZ, Julich, Germany   Chairman
F.T.Tarkanyi   ATOMKI, Debrecen, Hungary   Co-chairman
P.Oblozinsky   IAEA, Vienna, Austria   Scientific secretary
K.Gul   Pinstech, Islamabad, Pakistan
A.Hermanne   University Bruxelles, Belgium
M.G.Mustafa   LLNL, Livermore, USA
F.M.Nortier   NAC, Faure, South Africa
B.Scholten   FZ, Julich, Germany
Y.Shubin   IPPE, Obninsk, Russia
S.Takacs   ATOMKI, Debrecen, Hungary
Y.Zhuang   CNDC, Beijing, China

Data are also available in ENDF-6 format for protons, deuterons, Helium-3, and alpha particles.
A description of the formatting procedure is given in the report IAEA-NDS-210 (pdf, 68 KB).

The online database was developed by S. Takács (ATOMKI) in 2003.
The whole database was upgraded by S. Takács (ATOMKI) in 2007.
The monitor reactions were re-evaluated in the IAEA Coordinated Research Project 2012-2017 (F41029).
The web version was created by S. Takács (ATOMKI) in 2017.

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