Technical Meeting on Improvement of Codes used for Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Evaluations

10-13 June 2014, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

The ENSDF Analysis and Utility codes are essential tools for evaluators' work and for that reason it is important that they are maintained, i.e. that they are continuously checked for bugs, kept up-to-date with developments in physics models, statistical methods and error analysis, and evaluation methods/policies in general. To make sure 'maintenance' of these codes is kept up by future generations of programmers and evaluators, these codes need to be reviewed and most likely re-written using modern programming tools.

The Nuclear Data Section has started a Data Development Project to address all the problems that are encountered in the utilization of the existing ENSDF codes in view of the overall need to re-structure and/or re-write them using modern programming tools. The kick-off Technical Meeting was held at IAEA headquarters in Vienna, from 10 to 13 June 2014. The output of this meeting was a priority list of codes that need to be improved and a list of assignments/tasks to be delivered within a given period. There will be follow-up meetings to monitor progress and revise the assignments as deemed necessary.


The meeting Agenda is available here.

Summary Report

The summary report is published as INDC(NDS)-0665.