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Atlas of Neutron Capture Cross Sections
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The NGATLAS contains neutron capture cross sections in the range 10-5eV - 20MeV as evaluated and compiled in recent activation libraries. Numerical values of (n,g) cross sections are available for a total of 739 targets for the elements H (Z=1, A=1) to Cm (Z=96, A=248) totaling 972 reactions. Plots of the pointwise data and comparisons with the available experimental values at thermal energy, 30 keV and 14.5 MeV can be found in the Report INDC(NDS)-362 (IAEA, Vienna 1997) available upon request from the IAEA Nuclear Data Section.

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Prepared by: J.Kopecky1
Contributions by: J.-Ch.Sublet2, J.A.Simpson2, R.A.Forrest2 and D.Nierop3
1 JUKO Research, Kalmanstraat 4, 1817 HX Alkmaar, The Netherlands
2 UKAEA Fusion, Culham, Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 3DB, United Kingdom
3 Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN, P.O. Box 1, NL-1755 Z G, Petten, The Netherlands
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