The experimental nuclear reaction database, known as EXFOR stores nuclear reaction data and its' bibliographic information, as well as experimental information about the data. The status (e.g., the source of the data), and history (e.g., date of last update) of the data set is also included.

The data presently included in the EXFOR databases include:

The data is compiled in the EXFOR format, which was originally conceived for the exchange of neutron data, and was further developed and adapted to cover all nuclear reaction data. The format is designed for flexibility in order to meet the diverse needs of the nuclear reaction data centres, and allows a large variety of numerical data tables with explanatory and bibliographic information to be transmitted in a format:

In addition to the EXFOR format, users may obtain data from the centres in other centre-to-user formats that have been developed to meet the needs of users within each centre's own sphere of responsibility.

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SOK 20230506 U-235 This animation (an enlarged image) shows update of a prior estimate of the 235U fast neutron fission cross section (10 keV to 200 MeV) by addition of EXFOR datasets one by one by using the Kalman filter as an example of direct use of EXFOR in cross section evaluation. The pink shaded area shows the uncertainty with 50% for the prior estimate. (More details)