Victoria (Vicki) McLane (1940-2011)

It is with deep regret that we have to report the passing of our colleague and friend Victoria McLane. In 1962 Vicki joined the Sigma Center at the Brookhaven National Laboratory which then developed to the National Nuclear Data Center. Throughout 43 years until her retirement in 2005 she was one of the key persons in nuclear data compilation and international nuclear data exchange.

In the process when the international cooperation of data centers was developing, when the data exchange system EXFOR was created and implemented, when the scope of EXFOR was widened from neutron data to charged particle and photonuclear data, when the correctness and completeness of data compilations had to be verified, she was the technical expert from the US side, contributing a lot to the regular data center coordination meetings that took place in Brookhaven, Obninsk/Moscow, Saclay/Paris, Vienna and elsewhere. She was also responsible for the technical support of data evaluation efforts and for the editing of various publications.

Vicki's dedication to nuclear data compilation and her expertise in the EXFOR system were highly appreciated in the nuclear data community.

In 2002 she organized the 50 years Jubilee Meeting of the NNDC, and even after her retirement she supported the EXFOR network and continued to participate in its development.

Only a year ago we were sitting together here in Vienna to review documents and photographs on the nuclear data centers history, in which she was an important participant.

October 2011

Hans Lemmel and Otto Schwerer

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Vicki and her husband (Peter)
Vicki and her brother