Memo 4C-2


disc:for discussion; m:to be in manual; M:added into manual; l:to be in error list; L:added into error list; a:to be in article list; A:added into article list; wd: withdrawn

0156pdf371991-07-29Update Dictionary 3
0155pdf171991-07-23Update Dictionary 7
0154pdf661991-05-03Update Dictionary 3,5,6; Type 3 data
0153pdf2981991-03-12Update Diet. 6, Type 3 Data, CINDA Manual
0152pdf221991-01-18Update dictionary 7
0151pdf341990-09-19Update dictionaries 25 and 36
0150pdf231990-05-14Update dictionaries 3 and 6
0149pdf211990-04-10Update Dictionary 7
0148pdf301989-12-13Update Dictionary 6
0147pdf221989-12-05Update Dictionary 7
0146pdf251989-04-21Update Dictionary 27
0145pdf191989-03-31Update Dictionary 7
0144pdf1071988-11-10EXFOR entry 12877
0143pdf241988-07-21Update Dictionary 5
0141pdf211988-05-02Update Dictionary 5
0140pdf221988-08-30Update Dictionary 3
0139pdf481987-08-20Update Dictionary 5
0138pdf311986-12-19Update Dictionary 7
0137pdf241986-11-13Correction of Memo 4C-2/136
0136pdf301986-09-23Dictionary update
0135pdf191986-04-23Dictionary 27 update
0134pdf291986-03-12EXFOR 30817 and 40701
0133pdf1151986-03-03EXFOR 12344.003 and EXFOR 40651.003
0132pdf231985-12-12Dictionary update
0131pdf2251985-10-03CINDA manual update
0130pdf321985-09-2612877 .003, 40010.001
0129pdf311985-08-08Dictionary 36
0128pdf7771985-08-01Dictionary update pages
0127pdf331985-06-14Dictionary update reques
0126pdf311985-05-02Dictionary 36
0125pdf421984-10-19Area 1 natural chromium entries
0124pdf371984-09-27New Cinda Q codes PEM DEM TEM AEM
0123pdf341984-07-13TRANS 1180
0122pdf1431984-04-16CINDA Manual Update
0121pdf551984-02-16Selection of CINDA entries to appear in CINDA-3 and CINDA-84
0120pdf421983-10-10Laboratory and Country Code for Japan
0119pdf271982-03-15Dictionary Corrections and Additions
0118pdf401982-01-20Dictionary Corrections and Additions
0117pdf471980-11-18Dictionary Addition Proposal
0116pdf341980-11-26Dictionary Addition Proposal
0115pdf4241980-10-30Comparison of fission produot yield data coverage in CROUCH, EXFOR and CINDA
0114pdf10241980-10-27Monitor coding and renorma1isation of in Exfor
0113pdf2511980-07-16EXFOR Coding of Fission Product Yields
0112pdf381979-11-23Dictionary Addition Proposals
0111pdf411979-09-06Dictionary Addition Proposals
0109pdf281979-07-02Dictionary Addition Proposals
0108pdf651979-06-13Preliminary Survey of Experimental data for NEANDC Specialists' meeting
0107pdf301979-05-18Dictionary Addition Proposals
0106pdf451978-11-02Dictionary Additions
0105pdf851978-08-04Re-transmission of Partial EXFOR Subworks
0103pdf851978-02-03Capture and Transmission Yield Data
0102pdf361978-01-19Dictionary Additions for Area 2
0100pdf1471978-01-09Comments on TRANS 1060
0099pdf661977-11-10Superheavy e1ements/CINDA
0098pdf491977-10-30EXFOR Dictionary Additions
0097pdf1891977-10-25CINDA COVERAGE CONTROL
0096pdf581977-10-25TRANS 2036
0095pdf731977-10-24Current compilation status at the time of transmission of EXFOR tapes
0094pdf1421977-10-17TRANS 4029
0093pdf531977-10-13TRANS 3025
0092pdf1271977-09-052nd NRDC Meeting, action 35 and CINDA Conclusion 1,1.a
0091pdf731977-09-12Revised CINDA Manual
0090pdf461977-08-22TRANS 3024
0089pdf661977-06-21X-4 Action "Crouch's Fission Yield File"
0088pdf221977-05-06Dictionary additions for TRANS 2034
0087pdf211977-04-04EXFOR Dictinoary Additions for TRANS 2033
0086pdf331977-03-29Comments on EXFOR Tapes.
0085pdf851977-02-25CINDA entries per year by service area
0084pdf531977-02-21The choice of a cut-off date for the Archival volume of CINDA to be prepared in March, 1978 (Memo 4-0 2/83)
0083pdf1521977-02-08The choice of a cut-off date for the Archival volume of CINDA to be prepared in March, 1978
0082pdf4261977-01-25Literature scanned by the CINDA Readers in Area 2
0081pdf251976-12-22Dictionary additions
0080pdf4481976-12-19CINDA Coverage Control System (CCCS)
0078pdf6611976-12-15Resonance Integral coverage control
0077pdf5791976-11-03CINDA Blocking and Cleaning-up
0076pdf5661976-10-19CINDA Coverage Control System
0075pdf3801976-10-19Danet - CINDA Coverage Control System
0074pdf1571976-06-28Comments on EXFOR Tapes
0073pdf1641976-05-12Review of agreed rules concerning CINDA quantity codes
0072pdf1631976-04-23Comments on EXFOR Tapes
0071pdf196 Proposed CINDA quantities NXN, FPB. LDL coded with qualified nuclide
0070pdf651976-03-251) Reference and Institute codes to be added to EXFOR and CINDA Dictionaries 2) Quantity codes to be added to EXFOR Dictionary
0069pdf581976-01-21TRANS 2025
0068pdf721975-12-221. TRANS 2023. 14 Dictionary 14 additions 2 errors. 2. Ref. MEMO 40-1/66
0067pdf2481975-11-26Kill' and 'Link' operations (K,L). Relation to 'main' CINDA entries
0066pdf301975-10-21Additions to CINDA dictionaries
0065pdf701975-09-29Remarks on TRANS, .2020
0064pdf621975-09-09Heading error, New conf. code, for TRANS 2019.
0063pdf1531975-05-28CINDA publication scheme
0062pdf681975-05-05EXFOR Dictionary 24
0061pdf13871975-02-11Comments on EXFOR tapes
0060pdf4201975-01-29Dictionary 24 (Data heading) flags
0058pdf611974-10-14New DIctionary Codes
0057pdf2911974-10-08Comparison CINDA versus nITS and NSA
0056pdf381974-09-27New dictionary entries
0055pdf961974-08-281.Answer to Memo 4C-3/105 2.Dictionary tape 9010 3.Miscellaneous
0054pdf871974-08-28Errors on NDCC EXFOR tapes 2005, 2013, 2014, 2015
0053pdf371974-01-30Proposed Exfor Quantities, Heading
0052pdf511974-06-26Proposed Exfor Quantity Codes, Headings, Unit
0050pdf3301974-02-27Comments on EXFOR tapes
0049pdf3251974-02-11Comments on EXFOR tapes
0047pdf361973-10-05New dictionary codes
0046pdf4471973-09-18Tables - response to Memo 40-3/88
0045pdf18181973-09-20Comments on EXFOR tapes
0044pdf2111973-07-31Common 40-statistics
0043pdf661973-07-23Comments on J.R. Stehn's letter to editors (4C-1/34)
0042pdf4961973-07-19A. Abolition of the hierarchy flag B. Answer to 40-1/38
0040pdf1231973-07-04Use of RAW, BEL and FCT modifiers
0039pdf14241973-05-17Unsolved problems, TRANS 1001-1004
0038pdf22831973-05-17References from other areas
0037pdf1421973-05-16Changes to CCDN tapes
0036pdf3041973-05-16LEXFOR entries; answer to Memo 4C-1/32 and to Memo 4C-4/19(20)
0035pdf20541973-05-15Comments on EXFOR tapes
0034pdf8541973-02-07NNCSC EXFOR tapes
0031pdf1731972-09-05Dictionaries (see memo 4C-2/26, Point 11c). Miscellaneous
0030pdf2771972-09-01Answers to memos and manuals, ISO-QUANT modifiers, TRANS 1008, 3006 and 4002, CCDN tapes, EXFOR dictionaries
0029pdf6251972-05-31Errors picked up by the CCDN version of the CHECKT programme of NDS
0028pdf7671972-03-21TRANS 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
0027pdf12621972-03-21Comments on TRANS 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 3003 and 3005
0026pdf3671972-03-21LEXFOR and EXFOR manuals
0025pdf2411972-03-21Proposals, answers to memos
0024pdf191971-12-17Memo 4-C 3/43, part 1
0023pdf1071971-12-11Memos 4-C 3/44, and 3/43 part 2
0022pdf441971-10-11Dictionary entries
0021pdf1891971-10-11Points to be discussed at forthcoming four-centre meeting
0020pdf631971-09-01Addi tions to EXFOR dictionaries
0019pdf671971-05-11Memos 4-C 3/35, 4-C 4/14 and 4-C 3/37
0018pdf1031971-03-30Chemical compound notation, memo 4-C 3/34
0017pdf291971-03-094-C Memos 3/32 and 3/33, and request for changes to dictionary 3
0016pdf1381970-09-044-C Memos 1/13 and 1/15
0014pdf581970-08-20Fission product quantities - 4-C Memos 4/9 and 3/19
0013pdf1271970-08-12Memos 4C 3/23-25
0012pdf561970-08-03Memos 4C-1/12, 4C-3/19, 4C-3/20 and 4C-4/9
0011pdf1311970-04-16Further comments on X4 dictionaries
0009pdf3291970-03-19Institutes dictionary
0008pdf251970-03-10Memos 4C-3/12 and /13
0007pdf3741970-02-11Memos 4C-3/9 and 4C-3/10, comments on X4-1
0005pdf991970-01-30Further remarks on X4-1
0003pdf511969-12-30Dict. 2.7
0002pdf2361969-12-19Proposals for revision of dictionaries
0001pdf391969-12-10Memo 4C-3/1-3