Memo 4C-3

IAEA Nuclear Data Section (IAEA-NDS)

disc:for discussion; m:to be in manual; M:added into manual; l:to be in error list; L:added into error list; a:to be in article list; A:added into article list; wd: withdrawn

417docx512020-01-31Neutron inelastic scattering gamma data in Baghdad Atlas (EXFOR 31816) - L
416docx392020-01-11AMP - Scattering amplitude or length? m
415revdocx4742019-11-22Low energy neutron cross section per hydrogen atom discm
415docx4732019-08-30(Superseded by Memo 4C-3/415(Rev.)) - -
414revdocx402018-12-28Pn value determined as ratio of delayed neutron multiplicity to fission yield - Lm
414docx452018-12-28(Superseded by Memo 4C-3/414(Rev.)) - -
413doc482017-09-06Dictionary 236 (Quantities): DL/GRP/PAR,NU 9117-
412docx302017-06-29Neutron-induced reaction articles in NSR/CINDA but not in EXFOR - AL
411docx292017-06-13Delayed neutron energy spectra measurements cited in the Kratz's review (1979) and missing in EXFOR - AL
410docx312017-06-08Pn values adopted in Rudstam's review (1979) and missing in EXFOR - AL
409docx432017-05-16EXFOR data sets for neutron standard evaluations (including NRDC 2016 A30) - L
408revdocx1792018-02-01Duplication of OKTAVIAN DDX in EXFOR (NRDC2016 A61) - L
408docx1912017-05-12(Superseded by Memo 4C-3/408(Rev.)) - L
407revdocx492019-12-22Correction of capture data from the ORELA 40 m flight station - l
407docx622017-04-21(Superseded by Memo 4C-3/407(Rev.)) - -
406doc552016-11-30Reaction yield divided by areal density (14324 in PRELIM.1420) wd -
405doc972016-09-21Creation and revision of entries for thermal neutron constants - AL
404doc1572016-06-03Compilation of thermal neutron scattering data - AL
403doc672016-05-06LEXFOR "Thermal Neutron Scattering" - m
402revdoc3332016-09-21Experimental thermal constants adopted by Axton - A
402doc3522016-05-05(Superseded by Memo 4C-3/402(Rev.)) - -
401revdoc25582019-03-25Articles cited by Mughabghab (Action to NNDC, NEA and CJD) - -
401doc25442016-05-03(Superseded by Memo 4C-3/401(Rev.)) - -
400doc1132015-11-18Reactor Dosimetry Symposium papers (NRDC2015 A26) 9112A
399doc14462015-11-11Status of Tohoku University Dynamitron Data in EXFOR - L
398doc2712015-08-31OKTAVIAN activation cross sections in EXFOR (NRDC2015 A37) - L
397doc512015-07-09Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PAR,PN 9112-
396doc632014-04-30Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - NUM,PN; UNW,PN; ,PN - M
395revdoc1522014-06-19EXFOR completeness checking against Mughabghab's Atlas - A
395doc1482014-04-01(Superseded by Memo 4C-3/395(Rev.)) - -
394doc462010-04-16Future NRDC Cooperation on CINDA - -
393doc152000-05-10CINDA 2000 book: publication schedule - -
392pdf321998-06-06Comments on TRANS 4109
391pdf571998-04-16CINDA 98 publication schedule
390pdf341998-04-06Comments on TRANS 1270; Units for delayed nubar (LEXFOR change?)
389pdf491998-03-06Comments on TRANS 2142-2145
388pdf281998-01-27Comments on TRANS 4107
387pdf1011997-10-23Comments on TRANS 2139-2141, 4105, 4106
386pdf381997-04-24Comments on TRANS 4104
385pdf291997-04-21Comments on TRANS 1266
384pdf481997-04-09CINDA publication schedule for 1997
383pdf231997-01-22Comment on TRANS 4103
382pdf481997-01-13Comments on TRANS 4102 and TRANS 1264
381pdf501996-04-16CINDA publication schedule for 1996
380pdf351996-04-15Comments on TRANS 4100
379pdf331996-01-19Comments on TRANS 4099
378pdf481996-01-19Comments on TRANS 2135
376pdf731995-03-20Comments on TRANS 4096, 4097
375pdf561994-09-19Comments on TRANS 1258 and 4095
374revpdf1791995-05-04CINDA Manual revision: coding of (2n,f) and (n,n'f) and (n, 2nf) reactions
373pdf751994-03-25Some errors in old area 4 entries
372pdf2371994-03-071. Photonuclear data entry in TRANS 2133 (entry 22242) 2. Comments on TRANS 1254, 2133 and 4094
370pdf521994-01-31CINDA Schedule for 1994
369pdf1601993-06-11Comments on TRANS 1251, 1252, 4089-4092
368pdf1371993-05-181. Comments on TRANS 2132 2. Bremsstrahlung cross section in entry 22206
367pdf451993-03-05CINDA Schedule
366pdf431992-11-11TRANS 4088
364pdf1481992-06-17TRANS 1249, 4086, 4087
363pdf201992-06-11TRANS 3082 (Fission Yields)
362pdf631992-03-30TRANS 1248 and 4085
361pdf441992-02-25CINDA schedule
360pdf541992-01-10Comments on TRANS 1246, 1247 and 4084
359pdf421991-09-16Comments on TRANS 2131, 4083, 1244
358pdf911991-06-28Comments on TRANS 2131, 4083, 1244
357pdf751991-03-22CINDA book schedule
356pdf531991-03-13TRANS 2128, 2129, 4080, 4081
355pdf1001991-01-09ENDF formatted data libraries. Use of NLIB, NMOD, etc.
354pdf341990-11-22Numbering of NDS CINDA batches
353pdf461990-10-22Comments on TRANS 2127
352pdf221990-10-18Integration of CJD into full 4-Centre CINDA Exchange System
351pdf561990-10-124-Centers paper for the Julich Nuclear Data Conference
350pdf351990-07-03Comments on TRANS 1239, 1240 and 4079.
349pdf1151990-05-16Comments on TRANS 1236, 1237, 1238, 4077, 4078
348pdf841990-02-23CINDA book schedule
347pdf681990-01-15Area 4 CINDA entries prepared by NNDC, NEA-DB and NDS
346pdf751990-01-12Comments on TRANS-1234, 1235, 2126 and 4076
345pdf8711989-11-23CINDA Manual update
344pdf861989-11-15Quantity "Nuclide Production"
343pdf961989-11-14Comments on TRANS-2125, in particular on Improvements for Fission Yield Entries
342pdf1911989-10-25CINDA: Combinations of Energy Codes
341pdf681989-10-13Co-operation between Wang Dao and NDS
340pdf1831989-09-13Comments on TRANS-1233 and 4075
339pdf451989-08-02TRANS 1232
338pdf571989-07-25CINDA publication in 1990
337pdf90441989-07-18CINDA Master File Comparison
336pdf691989-06-23Cf-252 spontaneous neutron spectra
335pdf941989-06-06TRANS 1231, 4073 and 4074
334pdf2291989-05-19CINDA publication 1990 and onwards
333pdf661989-04-20CINDA quantities NFY and FRS
332pdf431989-02-24TRANS 1230, 2124
331pdf511989-02-22CINDA book schedule and price estimate
330pdf491989-01-19Comments on TRANS 2123
329pdf311988-12-12X4 for Xmas
328pdf551988-12-08Compilation of fission product yield data
327pdf501988-11-14TRANS 1229 and 4072
326pdf841988-08-30TRANS 2122, 4070, and 4071
325pdf591988-08-11Re. Memo 4C-1/196: CINDA feedback
324pdf851988-06-20CINDA Matters
323pdf1091988-05-05Comment on TRANS 2121 and 4069
322pdf951988-02-24TRANS 2120 and 4068
321pdf681988-01-28TRANS 1228 and 4067
320pdf3001988-01-27Comments on TRANS 2118 and 2119
319pdf861988-01-25CINDA book schedule and price estimate
318pdf2731987-10-23CINDA matters
317pdf6071987-10-06Fission yield data
316pdf721987-10-01Deletion of entry 40376
315pdf6531987-09-29CINDA and EXFOR statistics
314pdf1491987-09-23CINDA book publication
313pdf1021987-09-181) FLAG in COMMON section 2) Comments on TRANS 2117
312pdf451987-08-03Comments TRANS 1227 and 4066
311pdf281987-06-15EXFOR index lines in CINDA
310pdf581987-06-11Comments on TRANS 1225 and 2116
309pdf401987-05-27Comments on TRANS-4065
308pdf1001987-04-02Comments on TRANS 1219-24, 2115, 4063, 4064
307pdf951987-03-06CINDA Publication for 1987
306pdf651987-01-271) Data tags and work type codes 2) General Comment on the new CINDA manual
305pdf411986-11-27TRANS 1216-1218
304pdf1061986-10-23CINDA Exchange
303pdf651986-10-20CINDA, 30 keV Maxweliian spectrum
302pdf571986-10-06TRANS 1214, 1215, 2113, 2114
301pdf371986-09-04TRANS 4062
300pdf1011986-09-04TRANS 2110, 2111, 2112
299pdf391986-09-01TRANS 1209-1213
296pdf981986-06-02TRANS 1204-1208, 2108, 2109, 4061
293pdf801986-04-07Comments on TRANS 4060
292pdf361986-04-03Comments on TRANS 1198-1202,2106-2107
291pdf421986-02-24First CINDA EXCHANGE Tape from NDS
289pdf631985-12-17Debrecen/Obninsk EXFOR entries
288pdf521985-11-22Implementation of Tri-lateral CINDA Exchange System
287pdf1411985-11-05TRANS 1197, 4059
286pdf3291985-09-27Pending retransmissions of EXFOR entries
285pdf251985-09-23TRANS 2105
284pdf881985-09-11TRANS 1195,1196 and 4058
283pdf3561985-09-11CINDA Exchange System CINDA deadline 85 Supplement
282pdf2741985-07-02CINDA Exchange System
281pdf391985-06-21Special characters in CINDA
278pdf581985-03-21Schedule for CINDA book product. at NDS
277pdf921985-02-21CINDA publication schedule and tentative price estimates
276pdf701984-11-15TRANS 1184-1190,4051
275pdf621985-02-14Comments on TRANS 4037, 4039
274pdf1461984-08-09Comments on TRANS 1182,1183, 2099,2100
273pdf1361984-07-03Lexfor, resonance integrals
272pdf1081984-05-12TRANS 1176-1181,2098,4049,4050
271pdf691984-03-23Conference Codes
270pdf22121984-03-09ENDF/B (Hermsdorf, 2nd paper)
269pdf4841984-03-09ENDF/B (Hermsdorf)
268pdf2411984-03-06Pending EXFOR retransmission
267pdf1131984-01-20CINDA publication schedule for 1984
266pdf4651983-08-19New format of CINDA supplements
265pdf371983-07-05TRANS 3046
264pdf511983-05-24Quantities, DA,,4PI/LEG and FA/PAR,SIG
263pdf511983-05-17CINDA Price
262pdf1871983-03-17TRANS-1150, 2091, 2092 and 4045
261pdf521982-12-14TRANS 3044
260pdf1821982-11-22TRANS tapes 2090; 1138 through 1145
259pdf1881982-11-17CINDA publication schedule and tentative price estimates
258pdf2621982-11-10TRANS 4042, 4043, 4044
257pdf1061982-09-22Publication CINDA82 Supplement
256pdf2131982-04-20Pending retransmissions of EXFOR entries as of 15 April 1982
255pdf1861982-03-11Evaluations of several reactions
254pdf1051982-01-29CINDA publication schedule and tentative price estimates
253pdf831981-10-13Exfor transmission tapes TRANS-4035,4041
252pdf501981-09-15INDL/V and INDL/ A, Minsk evaluations
251pdf931981-07-06INDL/V and EXFOR-V
250pdf401981-04-16Conversion of dosimetry cross sections compiled in EXFOR-V to ENDF/B-5 format
249pdf1051981-02-18New particle code HE6 for Dictionary 33 Ref. Exfor 21705.012 (TRANS 2084)
248pdf1161981-01-21CINDA publication schedule and tentative price estimates
247pdf471980-12-31Conference Code 74VIENNA
246pdf491980-12-05The end of an era
245pdf481980-10-30TRANS-4038, 4039
244pdf361980-10-20TRANS von, retransmission of V0012
241pdf3861980-07-241. Coding of fission asymmetry 2. light charged particles in ternary fission 3. Ion Charge 4. Proposals for LEXFOR 5. Fission yields
240pdf631980-04-24EXFOR entry 40427 (TRAN8-4037) containing decay data
239pdf2741980-04-24Retransmission of incorrect EXFOR subentries
238pdf611979-12-02Comments on EXFOR and CIlfDA received from Prof. Vonach, Vienna
237pdf841979-09-20CINDA-publication schedule for 1980
236pdf511979-06-28Exfor completeness check for 4 important dosimetry reactions
235pdf721979-06-25Cross sections of fission product nuclei
234pdf521979-04-18Partial Neutron Yield
233pdf1061979-04-12Errors in Exfor TRANS tapes (in particular TRANS-2048, 2049, 4033, 4034)
232pdf2531979-03-06Introduction to archival Cinda publication CINDA-A
231pdf781979-02-16Cinda and Exfor completeness check for eu-63 (n,alpha)
230pdf1101979-02-05CINDA publication from 1979 onwards
229pdf1831979-01-29Publication and Price of CINDA79/80
228pdf961978-12-19EXFOR TRANS tapes 40~0, 4031, 4032
227pdf3231978-09-14CINDA archivsl issue and its supplements (action 62 from 1978 Data Centre's Meeting)
226pdf351978-07-24Reply to Memo 40-1/126
225pdf841978-07-201. Exfor completeness check for Ba cross sections 2. TRANS-V008
224pdf411978-07-07Actinides data
222pdf841978-03-23nu data in Exfor
221pdf1891978-03-10Raw data
220pdf1131978-01-24Errors found in USSR Exfor entries
219pdf911978-01-24SOKRATOR Ref. INDC(CCP)-97
218pdf411978-01-20TRANS 3026
217pdf431977-12-2970 000 series
216pdf401977-12-02Exfor trans tape 3026
215pdf1341977-11-29Checking of incoming TRNAS tapes
213pdf511977-10-27Cosmetic reader code
212pdf1791977-10-14EXFOR errors in connection with nuclides dictionary
211pdf1721977-10-061. Errors in TRANS 4029 dated 770630 2. New data-heading codes
209pdf2741977-09-22Requests and Dissemination
208pdf2771977-08-31Exfor errors in connection with nuclides dictionary
207pdf1021977-08-29Corrections of Exfor entries from area 4
206pdf441977-05-20TRANS 3024
205pdf1031977-05-02Errors in TRANS 4027 and 4028
204pdf521977-04-06Comments on TRANS 4026
203pdf1061977-04-0470000/30000 Exfor conversion
202pdf1751977-03-31Coding for keyword MONITOR
201pdf891977-03-21TRANS 3022
200pdf1121977-03-17Secondary Energies Addition to Manual proposed
198pdf18191977-03-15EXFOR Manual Section VIII
197pdf471977-03-0770000/30000 Exfor conversion. Including reply to Memo 4C-1-108.
196pdf24221977-02-23CPND Supplement to Manual and Dict. et al.
195pdf20401977-02-22Dictionary 2, EXFOR Manual, Sections VII and VIII, dictionaries and coding rules
194pdf551977-02-04Additional comment to the topic "assumed values"
193pdf811977-01-27Corrections to Exfor 80000 Series
192pdf1161977-01-25Resonance Parameters (Memo 4C-l/I06)
191pdf1921977-01-19CINDA Literature regularly scanned at NDS and CJD
190pdf1971976-12-21Replies to Memos 4C-1/100 and 1/101
189pdf911976-11-26Cinda coverage control system Ref. Memo 4C/2/75 of 1976;10/19
188pdf2051976-11-23Cinda publication schedule for 1978
187pdf1321976-11-23CINDA 76/77 Supp1. 1
186pdf451976-11-22TRANS 1056
185pdf491976-11-10Unresolved Resonance Energies Ref.: Subentry 20381.003
184pdf12321976-11-04Manual update dated October 1976
183pdf1381976-10-28Cinda Laboratory Codes: Update of NDCC Cinda Manual
182pdf1831976-10-28Quantity Dictionaries: 1.) NEM-NPR 2.) NPA (involves Manual update) 3.) 4PI
181pdf1731976-10-27Manual update Ref.: 4C-1/94 and 4C-1/95 of 5 Oct 1976
180pdf1201976-10-20Implementation of OPND Exfor for NND Ref.: Memo 40-1/84 of 1976/6/9 by C.L. Dunford
179pdf431976-09-29Proposal about column-heading MISC.
177pdf1181976-09-24Erroneous Quantity Codes in Exfor
176pdf1141976-09-22ISO-QUANT - REACTION conversion table Ref.: 40-3/169=CP-D/6, and 4C-1/69=CP-0/4
175pdf981976-09-15Numerical Data Formats Proposed change to Lexfor entry
174pdf2791976-09-15Comments on updated Exfor Manual pages
173pdf1081976-09-01Exfor Completeness Check against CINDA for Hungary
172pdf14921976-07-26Minutes of the 12th 4C-Meeting
171pdf741976-06-29Alter flags and version dates.
168pdf2031976-06-04Dictionary update
167pdf571976-05-20New code suggested by NDCO
166pdf2741976-05-13Reply to memo 40-2/72 and proposed revising of Exfor Manual
165pdf3821976-04-15Exfor completeness
164pdf1521976-04-14Exclusion of the Cinda-quantities REM and NPR
163pdf3351976-04-13Old/new EXFOR entries
162pdf801976-04-07Differential cross-section relative to its value at a given angle Reference: Lexfor, Example 11
160pdf2051976-03-24CPND/NND Dictionaries
159pdf9621976-03-171.) Request for data on P-31 2.) Related completeness control of Exfor
157pdf491976-03-02Exfor Entry 20480
156pdf1401976-01-15Cinda publication schedule for 1976/77
155pdf3671976-01-14CINDA-quantities RIA, RIG, RIF.
154pdf2081976-01-13NDCC's draft of the CINDA Manual
153pdf74021976-01-12Manual Updates
152pdf601976-01-09Delayed Fission Neutron Data
151pdf1141975-12-08Exfor entry 10223
150pdf731975-12-04Exfor file "VIENN"
149pdf381975-11-20N 1 count on ENDENTRY record
148pdf3931975-11-19Center-of-Mass Indicator in Co1umnHeading Keywords
147pdf3451975-11-13Pointers, Pointers, Pointers ....
146pdf431975-11-07Pointers and TRANS-3016
145pdf17231975-10-14NDS CINDA Manual Update
143pdf1301975-10-03Proposed Cinda quantity N4N resp. NXN
142pdf621975-09-30Pointers in Subentries 001
141pdf1381975-09-30Repetition of column headings
140pdf1771975-09-261. Proposed Lexfor entry on "Delayed Fission Neutron Data" (4th version) 2. Better unit-codes for some fissionquantities
139pdf1311975-09-25Lexfor update of 6 June 1975
138pdf381975-09-22Entry 40226 on Trans 4022
136pdf2531975-09-02New "edited" Exfor listing at NDS
135pdf1081975-08-06.Error in EXFOR TRANS-4022
134pdf2051975-08-06CODATA Directory of Scientific Data Sources
133pdf1251975-08-05Application of Pointer
132pdf521975-08-01Entry 10204
131pdf331975-08-01Entries 10287. and 10413
130pdf2021975-08-04EXFOR: Large entries and subentries
129pdf871975-07-23Evaluated neutron dosimetry data
128pdf391975-06-27Half-Lives in Exfor
127pdf301975-06-26Entries 10008. and 52267
126pdf38481975-07-01Exfor Manual Update
125pdf1641975-06-16US Cinda entries checked by NDS check program
124pdf1621975-06-16Cinda publication schedule
123pdf2281975-06-02Proposed Lexfor entry for "Delayed Fission Neutron Data" (2nd version)
122pdf1101975-05-13Fission-Yield Standards
121revpdf18341975-06-20Non-neutron EXFOR developed at Karlsruhe
121pdf25501975-03-03Non-neutron EXFOR developed at Karlsruhe
120pdf2221975-02-25Cinda, coverage
118pdf3471975-02-19CINDA completeness (cont.)
117pdf1211975-02-03Cinda publication schedule
116pdf7211975-01-07CINDA completeness
114pdf321975-01-02EXFOR 40064
113pdf1581974-12-05Comments on TRANS 4016, dtd. 740425 and TRANS 4017, dtd. 740731
112revpdf941975-02-19Old/new EXFOR entries - corrigendum
112pdf1091974-12-04Old/new EXFOR entries
111pdf361974-12-02EXFOR series 70000
110pdf5751974-11-13Exfor Manual Update
109pdf5271974-11-08Exfor Dictionaries and code-expansions
108pdf6381974-10-23Dictionary 24 (Data headings)
106pdf881974-08-22Potential use of Exfor for charged particles induced nuclear reaction data
104pdf1021974-07-30CINDA/EXFOR dictionaries
103pdf37341974-07-23Comments on Draft Report on 10th 4C-Meeting
102pdf1931974-07-01Comments on TRANS 1024. Proposed Manual entries
101pdf741974-06-11CINDA 74, text pages
100pdf8881974-06-014C-Meeting, Paris, May 1974
099pdf1311974-05-28Cinda. Proposed new quantity-sort for CINDA 75
098pdf2051974-04-08Proposed Lexfor-entry REFERENCE
097pdf6101974-04-08LEXFOR revision of Jan 1974
096pdf1151974-02-15Lab-Di cti onary, WRENDA
095pdf1291974-01-16Manual Update of Dec 1973 (X4-5,better:X4-6)
094pdf20111973-12-20More-dimensional tables. Reply to Memo 4C-2/46
093pdf12421973-12-13I. Recapitulation of Actions from 9th 4G-Meeting. II. Consensus "Common Statistics" Proposal. III. Generalized EXFOR Is oquants
092pdf8421973-10-17Provisional Manual-Pages
091pdf1081973-10-15Dictionaries including replies to 40-2/45 and 40-1/40
090pdf3811973-09-28Reply to Memo 40-1/40 (proposed codes) Provisional Manual and LEXFOR pages on Compounds
089pdf2061973-09-20Comment on TRANS-1018, 1019
088pdf7041973-08-20EXFOR Tables - Reply to Memos 40-2/41, 40-2/42, 40-1/38, and 4C-1/39
087pdf501973-07-23Memos 4C-2/4l and 4C-l/38 on two-dimensional tables
086pdf1001973-07-20Errors found in TRANS-40l3
085pdf561973-07-18Reply to memo 40-2/40 on the use of RAW, REL and FCT modifiers
084pdf501973-07-16Reply to Memo 40-1/38 2-dimensional'tables
083pdf1001973-07-10Errors found in TRANS-4011
082pdf681973-07-06Errors found in TRANS-4010
081pdf3521973-06-18Actions Arising From the 9th 4-C-Meeting
080pdf6641973-06-15Tape exchange
079pdf26141973-05-08I. Agenda for 9th 4C-Meeting, 4-8.l973, Moscow (attached). II. NDS Proposal on Common Statistics for Consideration at the 4C-Meeting (attached) ACTION 4. III. CODaTA Compendium of Data Centers
078pdf17631973-04-06I. Distribution of the final report on 8th 4C-Meeting.. II. Recirculation of lists of Actions & Recommendations from the 8th 4C Meeting. III. Reply to Memo 4C-1/32
076pdf4851973-02-011.Date of Next 4C Meeting 2.Updating of Manuals and Dictionaries 3.Additions to "Report on the 8th 4C Meeting."
075pdf1361973-01-31Comments on TRANS 1012
074pdf761973-01-24Comments on TRANS 1010
073pdf391973-01-23Improvements in dictionaries (Memo 4C-3/67)
072pdf591973-01-19Comments on TRANS-1011
071pdf5121973-01-051. Minutes of the 8th 4C Meeting 2. Dictionary transmission *3.Proposal on coding of half-lives
070pdf5361973-01-05Additions to LEXFOR
069pdf1021973-01-03Comments on entr.y 4.008. (TRANS 4004)