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Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (CAJaD)

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173doc292011-09-28Addition for Dictionary 5 9103-
172doc352011-05-18Comments of ZCHEX - -
171doc302011-05-13Quantity code for thick target yield data in TRANS.A070 - -
170doc282010-12-28Change in the expansion of 4RUSKUR (Dictionary 3) 9102-
169doc272010-11-11Change "Serpukhov" to "Protivno" in the expansion of 4RUSFVE (Dictionary 3) 9102-
168doc252010-05-20New unit code for angle (Dictionary 25) 9101-
167doc392010-05-19New code for error (Dictionary 24) 9101-
166doc412008-10-13Correction to Dictionary 3 (expansion for Institute codes - 4RUSTPI) 9098-
165doc332006-05-05Addition for Dictionary 36
164doc332006-04-27Addition for Dictionary 36
163doc332006-04-12 Addition for Dictionary 22
162doc332006-03-15 Addition for Dictionary 5
161doc332005-11-25 Addition for Dictionary 22
160doc352005-03-23Correction of Dictionaries 36 and 21
159doc342005-02-04 Correction of Dictionaries 21 and 36
158doc352004-12-22Correction of Dictionary 24
157doc332004-07-27addition for Dictionary 36
156doc402004-07-27Scope of data compilation
155doc352004-05-251. moving off code from Dictionary 25 2. A little remark for CP-C/334
154doc332004-05-14addition for Dictionary 36
153doc322004-03-31addition for Dictionary 18 and 36
152revdoc312004-03-22addition for Dictionary 25
151doc252004-03-15MEMOs CP-C/336 and CP-D-385.
150doc272004-03-10Addition to Dictionaries 25 and 36
149doc272004-02-16Check of journals
148doc272004-01-16addition for Dictionary 22
147doc222003-10-10about MEMO CP-C/327
146doc232003-07-21about MEMO CP-D/366
145doc222003-07-15Addition to Dictionary 36
144doc232003-06-02TCC code plus LEXFOR page
143doc262003-05-29Addition to Dictionary 36
142doc232003-05-22New family code for product yield
141doc212003-05-22Addition to Dictionary 36
140doc232003-05-08Addition to Dictionary 36
139doc282003-05-08I. Addition to Dictionaries 13, 30 and 36 II. PY and TTY codes.
138doc222003-05-07Modify the definition SIG/DN and DN in dictionaries 36 and 32
137doc222003-04-25Addition to Dictionaries 27, 28, 29
136doc202003-04-10Addition to Dictionary 36
135doc322003-04-02Preliminary Draft of Draft
133doc232003-02-13Fundamental particles (memos CP-C/314, CP-D/349, CP-C/317)
132doc212003-02-05Addition to Dictionary 36
131doc202002-06-16Addition to Dictionary 22
130doc212002-11-04Addition to Dictionaries 6 and 36
129doc212002-10-09Addition to Dictionaries 21 and 36
128doc212002-09-17Addition to Dictionaries 7 and 36
127doc202002-08-13Addition to Dictionary 6
126doc202002-06-25Addition to Dictionary 18
125doc202002-05-23Addition to Dictionary 5
124doc302002-04-14Modification of Dictionary 8 and Dictionary 27 (Action A10 of last Technical Meeting)
123doc222002-04-03Addition to Dictionaries
122doc222002-04-02Action A38 of Technical Meeting 2001 Addition to Dictionary 24
121doc232002-02-28Addition to Dictionary 24
120doc212002-02-15Additions to Dictionary 36
119doc202002-02-07Additions to Dictionary 6
118doc212001-12-13Additions to Dictionary 36
117doc202001-08-20Addition to Dictionary 21
116doc212001-06-13 Additions to Dictionary 36
115doc202001-05-16Additions to Dictionary 3
114doc202001-05-14Additions to Dictionary 3
113doc222001-05-07Additions to Dictionary 3 (Action A43 of the 2000 NRDC Meeting)
112doc272001-04-19Energy of isobaric analog states
111rtf142001-04-02Additions to Dictionaries
111doc352001-04-02Additions to Dictionaries
109doc212001-02-14Additions to Dictionary 25
108rtf102001-01-21Additions to Dictionaries
108doc372001-01-21Additions to Dictionaries
107doc232001-01-18Additions to Dictionary 27
106doc212000-12-21Additions to Dictionary 36
105rtf20562000-11-27Additions to Dictionaries
105doc722000-11-27Additions to Dictionaries
104rtf32000-11-23Additions to Dictionaries
104doc222000-11-23Additions to Dictionaries
103doc312000-07-12Additions to Dictionaries
102doc242000-06-131. Additions to Dictionaries, 2. LEVEL-PROP keyword. (a little remark to EXFOR Basics)
101doc402000-05-10Transformation of Dictionary #27
100doc222000-04-25Dictionary updates
099doc262000-04-03Dictionary updates
098doc291999-11-17Dictionary additions
097doc231999-06-16About Redundant information in EXFOR
095doc201999-01-25LEVEL-PROP keyword. (a little remark to EXFOR Basics)
094txt21998-11-04Additions to 5-th Dictionary
093txt21998-08-17Additions to Dictionaries.doc
093doc201998-08-17Additions to Dictionaries.doc
092txt21998-07-07Additions to 5-th Dictionary
091txt31998-06-29Additions to Dictionaries.doc
091doc221998-06-29Additions to Dictionaries.doc
090txt21998-06-04Additions to Dictionary.doc
090doc221998-06-04Additions to Dictionary.doc
089pdf1121998-04-20Action 60 of Brookhaven Meeting (3-7 June 1996)
088pdf451998-04-20The additions to dictionaries
087pdf2171998-03-26Three proposals for AGENDA of May Meeting
084pdf491997-07-25Addition to Dictionaries
083pdf341997-06-17Addition to Dictionary
082pdf391997-06-13Addition to Dictionaries
081pdf401997-06-09Addition to Dictionaries
080pdf411997-05-07Additions to Dictionary 27
079pdf671997-04-221. MEMO CP-C/226 2. MEMO CP-C/227
078pdf341997-04-11Addition for Dictionary 27
077pdf921997-02-181. Coded information for INC-SPECT 2. C0430 in TRANS C018
076pdf621996-12-091. Addition to Dictionary 27 2. MEMO CP-C/223(Dictionary 25)
075pdf531996-12-06The additions to dictionaries
074pdf611995-10-311. The additions to dictionaries 2. Some remarks on Memo CP-D/259
071pdf451995-01-15Dictionary alternation
070pdf341995-01-10Additions to dictionary
069pdf431994-11-29additions to dictionary
068pdf501994-10-07additions to dictionary
067pdf391994-09-27Addition to Dictionary 27
066pdf751994-07-01Some duplication in CPND (and Photo) EXFOR
065pdf851994-03-23Some remarks on old and not correct data in B-, L-TRANSes
063pdf341993-02-08additions to dictionary
061pdf1111991-09-011. the conversion factors for thick target yield 2. additions to dictionary 27
059pdf391990-10-19dictionary addition
058pdf1311988-08-011. Implementation of Action Items 9th NRDC Meeting, Action 52 2. Reply to MEMO CP-A/52, Item 1
057pdf1361988-07-28Additions to Dictionaries, Reply to MEMO CP-D/175, Subentry P0055002
056pdf951988-04-051. coordination of stocking the non-neutron data library "Generalized EXFOR" 2. Additions to Dictionary 27
055pdf571988-02-15Dictionary addition
054pdf1021987-12-211. MUB/SR2/MEV 2. Dictionary additions
053pdf1531987-09-29Dictionary additions
052pdf1981987-08-26Isomeric states (reply to MEMOS CP-C/162, CP-D/151)
051pdf1361987-02-17Addition to dictionary 27
050pdf481987-01-19Additions to Dictionaries
049pdf741986-10-23Addition to dictionaries
048pdf134 addition to dictionary 5
047pdf125 Dictionary additions
046pdf391986-04-22addition to dictionary 3
045pdf501985-10-18Addition to dictionaries 27 and 36
044pdf551984-12-04Dictionaries 27,28,29
043pdf701985-07-041. Additions to dictionaries 36 and 27 2. About our 18 and 50 entries
042pdf571985-05-09level of retransmitted data
041pdf911985-03-04duplications of ENTRY
039pdf641983-10-20correction in MEMO CP-A/38, correction in the 27 dictionary
038pdf551983-07-04Additions to dictionaries
037pdf2711983-05-12MEMO CP-A/99
036pdf691983-05-05Dictionary additions for dictionary 27
035pdf721983-05-05Addition to dictionary 7
034pdf481983-03-01Dictionary additions
033pdf841983-03-01Information-Identifier Keyword INC-SOURCE
031pdf2401983-02-14Addition to comments of Dic.36
030pdf3431982-10-15Dictionary additions
029pdf611982-03-05unit transmitted
028pdf411981-12-09Addition to dictionary 7
027pdf371981-12-09additions to dictionary 27
026pdf361981-03-05Change in the 6 dictionary
025pdf471980-08-06Dictionary addition
024pdf431980-08-08Dictionary Additions
023pdf601980-08-26About data-heading keyword "E-EXC"
022pdf1261980-08-04About coding rules of some reactions
021pdf471980-07-22dictionary addition
020pdf411980-06-03Dictionary addition
019pdf611980-05-271. Dictionary additions 2. On further compilations 3. Action 42
018pdf901980-05-27dictionary addition
017pdf521979-07-17dictionary additions
016pdf491979-05-03Addition to dictionary 27
015pdf551979-05-03Memo CP-D/81, item 2
014pdf5181979-09-25about the coding rules of the some reactions and the application of formalizm "Partiel Reactions"
013pdf401979-03-05Centre for Photonuclear Experiments Data (action35)
012pdf551979-03-05Dictionary additions
011pdf641979-03-05Dictionary additions
010pdf44 Dictionary addition
009pdf611978-11-03dictionary addition
008pdf791978-10-24Addition to dictionary 23
007pdf591978-09-26Addition to dictionaries
006pdf831978-09-261. MEMO CP-B/25 2. Addition to Dictionary 22 3. Addition to Dictionary 17
005pdf821978-07-31About necessity(?) compilation the data of some papers
004pdf541978-07-31Dictionary addition
003pdf781978-05-17Photonuclear data in the EXFOR
002pdf771977-10-14Transliteration of cyrillic names
001pdf91 1. 0 TRANS A0000 2. Addition to the dictionary 25