Memo CP-B

Charged Particle Nuclear Data Group (KaChaPaG)

disc:for discussion; m:to be in manual; M:added into manual; l:to be in error list; L:added into error list; a:to be in article list; A:added into article list; wd: withdrawn

033pdf3411982-02-12Trans B011
028pdf981978-12-121.Reply to Memos CP-A/8,9;CP-C/46-50;CP-D/70-73 2.Proposed Additions to Dicts. 3 and 25 3.Comments on the KACHAPAG Transtape B006
026pdf911978-08-161)Code A (Isotopic Abundance) in Dict. 34 (proposed in CP-C/43) 2) Dictionary Addition
024pdf1141978-05-30Suggested Details for the Agenda of 3rd NRDC-Meeting, Paris, June 19, 1978
023pdf4661978-03-21I.Coding of Reaction-SF3 II.Variable Product Nucleus Formalism III.DECAY-FLAG; Heading Isomer IV. Nuclides Dictionary 27 V.FLAG
022pdf731978-02-221)Coding of Fission Fragments (FF) in REACTION SF4 2) EXFOR-Manual (last Revisions from Febr.78)
021pdf1171978-02-09Multiple Residual Nucleus Formalism
020pdf1071978-01-30Coding of Superheavy Elements; Multiple Monitors; Clarificaiton of two Lab-Codes in Dict. 3
019pdf4101978-01-26Proposed Manual Revisions from NNDC and NDS; Proposed LEXFOR Revision from NNDC
018pdf2051977-12-23Summarized Comments on Memos: CP-D/34 to CP-D/50 and CP-C/17 to CP-C/25
017pdf1241977-12-22Reaction Mechanisms. Process Code for Spallation
016pdf1241977-10-24New Institute Codes; Accession Numbers within Codes; Memo CP-D/34 to D/42 and CP-C/17 to C/24, X4-Memos
015pdf1291977-08-31Printed version of the KACHAPAG-File
014pdf4171977-08-16NDS-Manual Update; NNDC-Manual Update; Elements, Nuclides Dictionary; Multiple Residual Nucleus Formalism
013pdf2661977-07-08Conclusions of the Kiev Meeting, Coding under MONITOR; Compilation of Errors; Exfor-Manual Revision for Report-Codes
012pdf2261977-06-21Comments on Dict. Update 770527 and new Lab-Codes
011pdf1331977-05-25Multiple Reaction Products
010pdf4101977-05-16EXFOR-Manual Revisions; Corrections in Dictionaries 13 and 25; KACHAPAG-Transtapes
007pdf3761977-03-08Comments on TRANS-TAPE A000
006pdf4151977-02-15EXFOR Manual Revisions and Dictionaries
002pdf7961976-06-25Updating of Dictionaries