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Hokkaido Univ. Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG)

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160doc462018-11-06Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PAR,PY,,TT/CH wd -
159doc472018-09-29Dictionary 25 (Units) - PRT/MAMIN and Dictionary 7 (Conferences) - 2017QUEBEC 9119-
158doc462018-04-25Dictionary 3 (Institutes) - 2JPNTAK 9118-
157doc442018-03-23Dictionary 5 (Journals) - SCR 9118-
156docx182016-03-04Dictionary 7 (Conference) - 96PRAHA 9112-
155doc462014-07-17Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,PY/IPA/DE,,TT 9110-
154doc442013-09-25Dictionary 6 (Reports) - JAEA-R- 9107-
153doc432013-09-06Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,POL/DA,,ASY/PP/RES 9107-
152doc422013-07-01Dictionary 19 (Incident source code) - POLPS 9106-
151doc462012-03-23Dictionary 3 (Institutes) - 2JPNHOK 9104-
150doc472011-04-21Compilation List, Dictionary 5 (Journal codes)-NSTP 9102-
149doc412011-04-04Dictionary 3(Institutes) - 2JPNKYP, 2JPNTKE, and 2JPNODE 9103-
148doc242010-02-01Dictionary 3(Institutes) - 2JPNKTJ update 9102-
147doc442010-09-08Dictionary 3 (Institutes) - 2JPNTKE 9102-
146rev2doc412013-02-01Dictionary 236(Quantities) 9105-
146revdoc442010-08-03Dictionary 236(Quantities) 9102-
146doc572010-07-24(Superseded by Memo CP-E/146 (Rev.)) - -
145doc6602010-04-22New version of JCPRG digitizer (GSYS2.4) - -
144doc852010-03-15Dictionary 236(Quantities) 9101-
143doc1052009-09-04Dictionary 213 (Reaction type) and 236(Quantities) 9100-
142doc652009-08-28Dictionary 6 (Reports) and 236(Quantities) 9100-
141doc622009-05-08Dictionary 6 (Reports) - A-JCL-, and 236(Quantities) - TP/PAR,DP 9099-
140doc442009-03-23Dictionariy 7 (Conference codes) - 2007SAPPOR and 2008AOMORI, Dictionary 33 (Particles) - K0 9099-
139doc682009-02-27Addition to Dictionary 25 (Data Units), 26 (Family flags) and 236 (Quantities) 9099-
138doc762009-02-27Review of corrections since the 2007 NRDC meeting - -
137doc532008-11-07Coding mistakes in CINDA lines (2) - L
136doc7242008-09-19Coding mistakes in CINDA lines - -
135doc592008-09-16Addition to Dictionary 24 (Data Headings), 213 (Reaction Type) and 236 (Quantities) 9098-
134doc642008-05-01Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) 9097-
133doc692008-05-01Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) 9097-
132doc692008-05-01Addition to Dictionary 25 (Data Units), 213 (Reaction Type) and 236 (Quantities) 9097-
131doc592007-12-31Addition to Dictionary 6 (Reports) and 7 (Conference Codes) 9096-
130doc602007-12-31Addition to Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) and 25 (Data Units) 9096-
129doc582007-12-31Addition to Dictionary 3 (Institute Codes) 9096-
128doc682007-12-31Addition to Dictionary 32 (Parameters), 213 (Reaction Type) and 236 (Quantities): Momentum distribution 9096-
127doc672007-12-31Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) : spin-flip and non spin-flip 9096-
126doc582007-12-14Evaluated data library coding in MONIT-REF and REL-REF - M
125doc762007-11-05Differential cross section for 4-momentum transfer squared 9096M
124doc4312007-10-04JCPRG Progress Report (2006-2007) - -
123doc842007-10-04ENTRY L0091 correction - -
122doc622007-10-04Multiplicity of prompt gamma in capture reaction (22960.005-006) 9096-
121doc1562007-10-04Review of corrections since the 2006 NRDC meeting - L
120revdoc1642007-10-04Plotting flags in Archive Dictionary 24 (Data headings) 9096M
120doc1222007-09-13(Superseded by Memo CP-E/120 (Rev.)) - -
119doc622007-08-09Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) 9096-
118rev2doc622007-06-06Dictionary 31 (Branch Codes) and 236 (Quantities) updates
117doc512007-05-24Definition of spectrum averaged cross section
116revdoc712007-06-06Reference frame of analyzing power
116doc702007-05-24(Superseded by Memo CP-E/116 (Rev.))
115doc602007-03-31Dictionary 236 (Quantities) update
114doc592007-02-09Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) updates
113doc542007-02-09Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) updates
112doc542007-02-04Dictionary 6 (Reports) updates
111doc592007-01-16Laser Compton backscattered
110revdoc582007-01-12Definition of Evaporation residue for LEXFOR
109rev4doc1522007-03-30Capture kernel and resonance strength
109rev3pdf972007-01-??(Superseded by Memo CP-E/109 (Rev.4))
109rev3doc1472007-01-??(Superseded by Memo CP-E/109 (Rev.4))
108doc532007-01-07Dictionary 22 (Detector Codes) update
107doc542007-01-06Dictionary 3 (Institute Codes) update 9100
106doc1802006-12-31New version of JCPRG digitizer (GSYS2.2)
105doc532006-11-28Dictionary 5 (Journal Codes) updates
104revdoc652006-11-22Bibliographical information (TITLE, AUTHOR) from several references
103doc392006-10-17Dictionary 236 (Quantities) update
102doc372006-10-17Dictionary 3 (Institute Codes) update
101doc4942006-09-22Review of corrections since the 2005 NRDC meeting
100pdf1032006-09-22Clarification of spin observables (1)
100doc782006-09-22Clarification of spin observables (1)
099doc1962006-08-02New version of JCPRG digitizer (GSYS2)
098doc372006-07-28Dictionary 3 (Institute Codes) update
097revdoc362006-07-24Dictionary 3 (Institute Codes) update
096revdoc382006-07-24Compilation of anti-proton induced nuclear reaction data from the world
095doc372006-07-24Dictionary 3 (Institute Codes) update; Dict.24
094revdoc372006-05-30Dictionary 5 (Journal Codes) updates :
093doc382006-05-24Dictionary 5 updates
092rev2doc402006-09-22AKE and KE (Response to Action 25 of 2005 NRDC meeting)
091revdoc802006-03-24Dictionary 236 (Quantities) update
090doc362006-03-17Dictionary 3 (Institutes) update
089doc692006-03-01Problematic entries (3)
088doc742006-02-20Dictionary 33 (Particles), 209 (Compounds) and 227 (Nuclides)
087doc362006-02-15Corrections to Dictionary 236 (Quantities)
086doc382006-01-17Corrections to Dictionary 6 (Reports)
085doc872006-01-12Quantity code for data in arbitrary unit and chain yield (Entry 14044); ref. CP-D/449, CP-C/368
084doc372006-01-11 Dictionary 24 (Data Headings), 33 (Particles) and 227 (Nuclides)
083doc382005-11-21Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities), ref. CP-C/368
082doc352005-11-19Addition to Dictionary 24 (Data Headings)
081doc442005-10-31Addition to Dictionary 21 (Method)
080revdoc632005-10-27Date field for conference proceedings
079doc412005-09-21Remarks on quantity codes for fission data
078doc382005-09-21Addition to Dictionary 6 (Elements) and 27 (Nuclides)
077doc382005-09-21Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
076doc382005-09-21Addition to Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) and 25 (Data Units)
075doc362005-09-15Addition to Dictionary 52 (Readers)
074doc422005-09-14Multiple reaction formalism
073doc372005-08-13Addition to Dictionary 27 (Nuclides)
072doc382005-08-13Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
071doc442005-06-06Energy spectrum as function of sum of kinetic energies of several particles
070doc912005-06-01Problematic entries (2)
069doc412005-05-24Problematic entries (1)
068doc342005-04-04Addition to Dictionary 27 (Nuclides)
067doc502005-03-24Polarization quantities; ref. to CP-E/064, CP-C/353 (Rev.), CP-D/320
066doc332005-03-17Addition to Dictionary 6 (Reports)
065doc842005-02-24IPA as parameter code and short-hand nuclide code in SF7
064revdoc352005-02-10Indices of polarization quantities in Dictionary 31
063doc362005-02-04Correction on Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
062doc362004-12-15Effective mass squared and correlation
061doc412004-12-13Dictionary 34 (Modifiers) and Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
060revdoc392004-12-08Addition to Dictionary 34 (Modifiers) and Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
059doc392004-12-08Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
058doc402004-12-08Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
057doc372004-12-08Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
056doc322004-12-08Addition to Dictionary 3 (Institutes)
055doc342004-12-08Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantities)
054doc322004-11-30Correction to Dictionary 3 (Institutes)
053doc312004-11-30Compilation scope of separate transmission in area J
052doc392004-08-27Effective mass correlation
051revdoc392004-08-30Differential data (Definition of mean energy and mean linear momentum)
050doc302004-08-20Astrophysical S-factor
049doc412004-08-20Angular distribution data
048doc302004-08-03Dictionary 5 (Journals) updates
047doc302004-07-16Probability for emission of N particles, EM/NUM,PY
046doc282004-07-16Dictionary 3 (Institutes) and 5 (Journals) updates
045doc282004-06-11Dictionary 6 (Reports) update
044doc662004-06-11Quantities and units for thick/thin target yields
043doc292004-04-28EXFOR compilation scope for charged-particle data
042doc272004-04-26Dictionary 22 (Detectors) updates
041doc312004-04-26Dictionary 25 (Units) updates - differential with momentum
040doc352004-04-26Thick target product yields (E1756, E1759, E1788)
039doc302004-04-27Dictionary 6 (Reports) updates
038doc272004-04-07Nuclide codes
037doc352004-04-07Differential cross sections for excitation energy of residual nuclei
036doc272004-03-23Dictionary 5 (Journals) and 6 (Reports) update
035doc282004-03-23Dictionary 3 (Institutes) update
034doc382004-02-03Completeness check for Physics Letter B and Physical Review Letters
033revdoc292004-02-04Two journal codes PR/B and MSK/A
032doc272003-12-10Dictionary 25 (Units) update
031doc262003-12-10Dictionary 27 (Nuclides) update
030doc282003-12-10Longitudinal vector analyzing power
029doc372003-12-10Double differential cross section integrated over partial angular range
028doc332003-12-10Dictionary 22 (Detectors) update
027doc272003-12-10Dictionary 22 (Detectors) update
026doc262003-07-04Correlated particles in SF7
025doc302003-07-04Correlated particles in SF7
024doc302003-07-04Nuclide Codes (Dict.27)
023doc302003-06-09Dictionary 27 (Nuclides) and secondary linear momentum
022revdoc262003-08-11Dictionary 3 (Institutes) - improve of definition - (Expansion corrected)
021doc322003-04-19cross section with respect to longitudinal momentum
020doc372003-04-19Total spin transfer
019doc272003-04-19Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) and Dictionary 27 (Nuclides)
018doc362003-04-19Particle multiplicity from thick target experiment
017doc322003-02-03Reply to CP-C/313, 314, 315 and NNDC°«s comments on PRELIM.E021, CP-E/013, 016
016doc312002-12-03Double differential cross section integrated over angular range
015doc312002-12-03Spin rotation parameters
014doc262002-12-03Unit for triple differential cross section
013doc302002-12-03Azimuthal correlation of emitted particles in coincidence with heavy fragments
012doc252002-10-15Dictionary 3 (Institutes) and Dictionary 27 (Nuclides)
011doc262002-08-08Dictionary 36 update (Differential cross sections)
010doc272002-08-08Dictionary 24 and 36 update (Angular correlations)
009doc262002-08-08Dictionary 27 update (Nuclides used as projectile), Dictionary 36 update (Analyzing power)
008doc272002-07-11Error of total energy in center of mass system
007doc262002-06-24Error of total energy in center of mass system
006doc282002-06-24Nucleus Codes
005doc302001-05-01Institute and Journal Codes
004doc272001-12-10Spin-flip and non-spin-flip data
003doc262001-12-10Differential cross section for solid angle and linear momentum
002doc172001-03-13Proposed additions to Dictionary 36: New quantity codes NN,POL/DA/DE,,K
001doc192001-03-13Proposed additions to Dictionary 36: New quantity codes PRE,AP/DA,FF and ,DA,HF.