Memo CP-M

Centre for Experimental Photonuclear Data (CDFE)

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039doc722020-04-23New code for the DICTIONARY 236 (Quantities (REACTION SF 5-8)- PAR/ICL,DA; PAR/ICL,DA,,4PI) 9122-
038doc662019-11-20New code for the DICTIONARY 236 (Quantities (REACTION SF 5-8)) 9121-
037doc662019-06-10New code for the DICTIONARY 207 (Books) 9120-
036doc932019-03-14Volume numbers for VMU (Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta - Seriya III, Fizika i Astronomiya) 9120-
035doc662018-10-30Addition to Dictionary 7 "Conference Codes" 9119-
034doc652018-09-05Addition to Dictionary 5 (Journals) 9119-
033doc642017-02-22Addition to Dictionary 236 (Integral cross sections, general) - (M),INT 9115-
032doc612014-12-01Addition to Dictionary 24 (Data Units) FSEC 9111-
031doc572014-05-01Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) INT,,RAB (MeV*mb) 9109-
030doc532013-09-15Addition to Dictionary 25 (Data Units) NB/SR2MEV2 9107-
029doc532013-08-14Addition to Dictionary 36 9107-
028doc512013-01-14Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantities) wd -
027doc662011-03-14Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantities) wd -
026doc612010-04-06ENTRYs L0092, L0104, L0120, L0133 corrections. - L
025doc582010-03-02ENTRY L0091 correction. - -
024doc142008-04-14Addition to Dictionary 24 "Data Headings" 9097-
023doc322007-10-01ENTRY L0091 correction - -
022doc322007-05-24Addition to Dictionary 7 "Conference Codes" 9096-
021doc222005-06-21Addition to Dictionary 22 9089-
020doc222005-03-14Addition to Dictionary 3 wd -
019doc222005-02-18Additions to Dictionaries 5 and 18 9087-
018doc272003-01-29Proposal to delete the ENTRY G0006 (substitute by new ENTRY M0636) - -
017doc272002-05-08Dictionary additions 36 9080-
016doc492002-02-06Errors in EXFOR - l
015pdf501994-03-03Dictionary Correction and Additions
014pdf1301990-11-02CDFE Progress Report - 90
012pdf611989-12-07TRANS C701, TRANS L001
011pdf1211988-11-22TRANS M008 Dictionary Additions
010pdf1241988-03-10TRANS M006 Dictionary Additions
009pdf4451987-06-18Progress Report CDFE
008pdf1291987-03-01Dictionary Additions
007pdf3491984-09-11Dictionary Additions
005pdf401984-06-20Dictionary Additions
004pdf401983-05-05Answer Memo CP-C/99
003pdf2401981-03-02Analysis of bibliographic publications concerned with photonuclear reactions
002pdf491980-09-11Proposal to Dictionaries
001pdf1311980-04-09Information about CDPhE