NRDC 2001

IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria
(28-30 May 2001)
Scientific Secretary: O.Schwerer


INDC(NDS)-0427 (Editor: O.Schwerer )



Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
NNDC(Brookhaven, USA)pdf216
NEADB(Paris, France)pdf43
NDS(Vienna, Austria)pdf157
CJD(Obninsk, Russia)pdf10
CNDC(Beijing, China)pdf14
ATOMKI(Debrecen, Hungary)pdf22
JCPRG(Sapporo, Japan)pdf60
JAERI (Tokai-mura, Japan)--
KAERI(Taejon, Korea)pdf12
CAJaD(Moscow, Russia)pdf10
CDFE(Moscow, Russia)pdf295
CNPD(Sarov, Russia)pdf21
UkrNDC(Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf35

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2001-1 Actions and Conclusions of the 2000 NRDC Meeting (See INDC(NDS)-418, pp. 26-31)
WP2001-2 Inventory of TRANS files exchanged since the last meeting pdf8
WP2001-3 the CINDA-2001 draft manualS.Maev
WP2001-4 Data headings and units for wavelength and kT (CP-D/322, CP-C/267)O.Schwerer, V.McLane pdf18
WP2001-5 On LEVEL-PROP: see memos CP-C/269 and CP-A/102
WP2001-6 Proposed Polarization Quantities pdf11
WP2001-7 Correlation / Angular correlation: Clarifications and dictionary cleanup pdf19
WP2001-8 Proposed quantity PAR/M-,DA,G pdf18
WP2001-9 Clarifications on some proposed report and journal codes (See memos CP-D/323, 4C-4/109, 4C-4/111, 4C-4/116, and CP-C/278)
WP2001-10Coding of Chemical Compounds: Clarifications pdf18
WP2001-11Energy of isobaric analog states (See memos CP-C/281, CP-A/112, and CP-C/264)
WP2001-12Proposed additions to Dict.30 (Process) and 27 (Pions in Nuclide Dict.) (See memos 4C-4/120, CP-A/107, and CP-A/103)
WP2001-13Proposed heading PART-OUT for Dict. 24 (See memo CP-A/108)
WP2001-14Units N/PART/SR etc. for Dict. 25 pdf17
WP2001-15Coding of differential neutron multiplicity distributionsO.Schwerer pdf8
WP2001-16Headings E-LVL-INI, E-LVL-FIN as "additional information"O.Schwerer pdf17
WP2001-17Dictionary sorting flags and wildcardsO.Schwerer pdf9
WP2001-18IAEA/NDS priorities in the EXFOR compilationV.G.Pronyaev pdf16
WP2001-19Errors found in EXFOR by X4 C-Utilities
WP2001-20Multiple appearance of first Reference in EXFOR
WP2001-21CSISRS Library Statistics (NNDC) pdf14
WP2001-22Proposed quantity PRE,AP/DA,FF (See memo CP-E/001)
WP2001-23CINDA-2001 Manual (24 May 2001)V.McLane, M.Lammer, S.A.Dunaeva, O.Schwerer, V.Zerkin pdf67
WP2001-24Correspondence of quantity codes for CINDA-2001M.Lammer pdf20
WP2001-25EXFOR as a multi-platform relational database: current status of developmentV.Zerkin pdf37
WP2001-26Compilation and Evaluation of Alpha-Induced Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections pdf28
WP2001-27Layout of CINDA 2001 book
WP2001-28Journal coverage for CINDAM.Lammer pdf13


(not submitted yet)