NRDC 2003

IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria
(17-19 June 2003)
Scientific Secretary: O.Schwerer


INDC(NDS)-0446 (Editor: O.Schwerer )



Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
NNDC(Brookhaven, USA)pdf92
NEADB(Paris, France)pdf31
NDS(Vienna, Austria)pdf139
CJD(Obninsk, Russia)pdf10
CNDC(Beijing, China)pdf14
ATOMKI(Debrecen, Hungary)pdf35
JCPRG(Sapporo, Japan)pdf28
JAERI(Tokai-mura, Japan)pdf54
KAERI(Taejon, Korea)pdf9
CAJaD(Moscow, Russia)pdf8
CDFE(Moscow, Russia)pdf186
CNPD(Sarov, Russia)pdf17
UkrNDC(Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf14

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2003-1 Actions and Conclusions of the 2002 NRDC Meeting (See INDC(NDS)-434, pp.147-153) doc49
WP2003-2 Nuclear Reaction Data Center Protocol (2002) (See INDC(NDS)-434, p.155) doc30
WP2003-3 Workshop on Rel.Databases and EXFOR compilation, Vienna, December 2003 doc35
WP2003-4 New Nuclides Dictionary (replacing Dictionary 27)O.Schwerer, V.McLane pdf9
WP2003-5 CINDA exchange format updates and related dictionary changes (CP/C-309, 4C-1/212)V.McLane pdf14
WP2003-6 New dictionaries for CINDA-2001 pdf6
WP2003-7 Proposals for CINDA-2001 (CP-D/346) doc29
WP2003-8 Report codes (CP-D/347)M.Lammer pdf15
WP2003-9 New and revised EXFOR entries received at NDS pdf10
WP2003-10Fundamental particle codes proposed for dictionary 27 pdf23
WP2003-11Dict. 30 code TCC (Total charge changing) (CP-A/144, CP-D/364)V.McLane, O.Schwerer, F.E.Chukreev, S.Babykina pdf17
WP2003-12Thick target yields, product yields: Quantities, definitions, units
WP2003-13Total spin transfer (CP-E/020)N.Otsuka, K.Kato pdf24
WP2003-14New coding for REACTION SF7 (CP-C/315, CP-D/354,350,CP-E/017)V.McLane, O.Schwerer, N.Otsuka, K.Kato pdf18
WP2003-15Longitudinal momentum (CP-C/313, CP-E/021, CP-E/023)V.McLane, N.Otsuka, K.Kato pdf24
WP2003-16Partial cs for prod. of specified number of prod.part. (CP-C/318, CP-D/359, CP-A/138)V.McLane, O.Schwerer, F.E.Chukreev, S.Babykina pdf13
WP2003-17Differential number of (prompt) neutrons (CP-D/358) doc59
WP2003-18New quantities for secondary particle spectra (CP-D/357, CP-D/355)O.Schwerer, M.Lammer pdf13
WP2003-19Proposed modified format for DECAY-MON (CP-D/351)O.Schwerer pdf6
WP2003-20Branch codes 'DIS' and 'CON' (for γ production) (CP-C/324, 4C-4/136)V.McLane, S.Maev pdf14
WP2003-21Transmission (new code TRN for REACTION SF8) (CP-D/368)O.Schwerer pdf6
WP2003-22NRDC Transmission Statistics (NNDC) pdf14
WP2003-23Differences between checking codes CHEX and TEST-EXF doc32
WP2003-24Stand-alone retrieval system on CD-ROM: EXFOR+CINDA/Java2V.Zerkin pdf74
WP2003-25CINDA ProtocolV.McLane, M.Lammer, V.Zerkin pdf8
WP2003-26Future NRDC Cooperation on CINDAV.McLane, M.Lammer, O.Schwerer pdf9
WP2003-27Nuclear Reaction Database Migration in IAEA-NDSV.Zerkin pdf15
WP2003-28Framework of the Co-ordinated Research Project on Nuclear Data for the Production of Therapeutic Radionuclides


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
China Nuclear Data Center (CNDC) Progress ReportY.X.Zhang ppt65
Product Yields, Thick Target Yields: Units ppt28