NRDC 2004

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, USA
(4-7 October 2004)
Scientific Secretary: O.Schwerer


INDC(NDS)-0464 (Editor: O.Schwerer and H.Henriksson )



Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
NNDC(Brookhaven, USA)doc2257
NEADB(Paris, France)doc110
NDS(Vienna, Austria)doc986
CJD(Obninsk, Russia)doc48
CNDC(Beijing, China)doc44
ATOMKI(Debrecen, Hungary)doc126
JCPRG(Sapporo, Japan)doc42
JAERI(Tokai-mura, Japan)doc30
KAERI(Taejon, Korea)doc31
CAJaD(Moscow, Russia)doc27
CDFE(Moscow, Russia)doc1697
CNPD(Sarov, Russia)doc23
UkrNDC(Kyiv, Ukraine)doc100

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2004-1 Conclusions and Actions of the 2003 NRDC Meeting doc558
WP2004-2 Revised NRDC Protocol (CP-D/410Rev.)O.Schwerer doc240
WP2004-3 New dictionaries for EXFOR / CINDA2001 (CP-D/405)O.Schwerer doc109
WP2004-4 Experiences and remarks on the transition to CINDA2001 (CP-D/412 and CP-N/28)V,Zerkin, H.Henriksson doc135
WP2004-5 Proposed improvements and extensions of CINDA 2001 format (CP-D/413)V.Zerkin, V.McLane doc70
WP2004-6 CINDA 2001 Manual, version modified M.Kellett doc119
WP2004-7 CINDA 2001 Manual, Rev. July 2003V.McLane doc77
WP2004-8 New Nuclides Dictionary 227: StatusO.Schwerer doc60
WP2004-9 File contents and Transmission Statistics 2003/2004 doc93
WP2004-10EXFOR Compilation Scope (CP-D/407, CP-A/156, CP-C/343, CP-E/043, CP-A/151, CP-D/385, CP-C/336)O.Schwerer, F.E.Chukreev, V.McLane, N.Otsuka, K.Kato doc75
WP2004-11Access to EXFOR data source and related products at IAEA-NDSV.Zerkin doc26
WP2004-12Quasi-metastable states (CP-C/333, CP-D/378, CP-C/331)O.Schwerer, V.McLane doc46
WP2004-13Question on proposed new detector codes (CP-E/042, CP-D/403)O.Schwerer, N.Otsuka, K.Kato doc32
WP2004-14Differential data and Angular correlations (CP-E/051rev, CP-D/409, CP-C/350, CP-E/049, CP-C/348, CP-C/346)N.Otsuka, O.Schwerer, V.McLane doc185
WP2004-15Effective mass correlation (CP-E/052)N.Otsuka doc61
WP2004-16Astrophysical S-factor (CP-E/050)N.Otsuka doc30
WP2004-17Reaction codes SIG,,HF and SIG,,LF (CP-A/153, CP-D/399)O.Schwerer, F.E.Chukreev doc75
WP2004-17/AAppendix to WP 2004-17 pdf720
WP2004-18TT as general modifier and revised LEXFOR on TTY ( = CP-C/347)V.McLane doc40
WP2004-19Particle specification and long reaction strings ( = CP-C/349)V.McLane doc47
WP2004-20Probability for emission of N particles (CP-D/414, CP-E/047, CP-D/400, CP-A/154)O.Schwerer, N.Otsuka, F.E.Chukreev doc84
WP2004-21Order of SF1, SF2 in REACTION code (CP-D/371, CP-A/147, CP-C/327)O.Schwerer, F.E.Chukreev, V.McLane doc69
WP2004-22EXFOR compilation completeness check for Phys.Rev.C Vols. 65-70V.McLane doc587


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