NRDC 2010

Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
(20-23 April 2010)
Scientific Secretary: S.Dunaeva


INDC(NDS)-0573 (Editor: R.Forrest,S.Dunaeva,N.Otsuka)


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Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
NNDC (Brookhaven, USA)--
NEADB(Paris, France)pdf103
NDS(Vienna, Austria)pdf444
CJD(Obninsk, Russia)pdf1539
CNDC(Beijing, China)pdf192
ATOMKI(Debrecen, Hungary)pdf90
JCPRG(Sapporo, Japan)pdf135
JAEA(Tokai-mura, Japan)pdf133
KAERI(Taejon, Korea)pdf52
CAJaD(Moscow, Russia)pdf42
CDFE(Moscow, Russia)pdf82
CNPD(Sarov, Russia)pdf27
UkrNDC(Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf81
NDPCI(Mumbai, India)pdf138

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2010-01Conclusions and action of the 2009 NRDC Meeting pdf50
WP2010-02Update of NRDC Protocol (Rev. Apr. 2010)S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf144
WP2010-02rev(WP2010-02 corrected during the meeting)S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf143
WP2010-02rev2(WP2010-02 corrected after the meeting)S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf175
WP2010-03Update of NRDC Network Document (Rev. Apr. 2010)S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf360
WP2010-03rev(WP2010-03 corrected during the meeting)S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf329
WP2010-04New and revised entries / subentries since the 2009 NRDC meetingS.Dunaeva pdf22
WP2010-05Statistics of checking preliminary filesS.Dunaeva pdf75
WP2010-06Status of new articles compilationS.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf13
WP2010-07Status of ND2007 articles compilationS.Dunaeva pdf103
WP2010-08Status: retransmission of old entries (Action A6)S.Dunaeva pdf11
WP2010-09EXFOR Updating Error reportV.Zerkin pdf48
WP2010-10EXFOR Outliers (Parts 4 and 5) (Memo CP-D/623)N.Otsuka, E.Dupont pdf125
WP2010-11Automatic test of EXFOR with TALYS (Memo CP-D/627, CP-D/633)N.Otsuka, E.Dupont pdf266
WP2010-12ENTRYs L0092, L0104, L0120, L0133 correctionsS.Dunaeva pdf15
WP2010-13New LEXFOR entry - Fusion (Memo CP-D/626)N.Otsuka pdf63
WP2010-14Results of compilation on the basis of full journal contents (Actions A16, A17)S.Dunaeva pdf38
WP2010-15Status of scanned journalsS.Dunaeva pdf21
WP2010-16Future of compilation of neutron-induced reactions, charged-particle induced reactions (scope, progress in future)S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf25
WP2010-17Resonance parameters in CPND entries (Memo CP-D/632)N.Otsuka pdf96
WP2010-18Regular export from EXFOR to C4V.Zerkin pdf60
WP2010-19Corrections of experimental data given in computational formatsV.Zerkin pdf108
WP2010-20Proposal to unify some unit symbols in EXFOR Dictionary 25S.Hlavac, N.Otsuka pdf89
WP2010-21Future NRDC Cooperation on CINDA (Memo 4C-3/394)N.Otsuka, E.Dupont pdf33
WP2010-22Automatic import information from NSR to CINDAV.Zerkin pdf157
WP2010-23Status of new compilation and procedure for creation CINDA referenceS.Dunaeva pdf30
WP2010-24X4Map and X4Archive (Memo CP-D/634)V.Zerkin pdf15
WP2010-25Statistics for Subents with NODATA (Memo 4C-4/180)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf20
WP2010-26Proposals related to the EXFOR keyword AUTHOR (Memo CP-N/080)C.Nordborg pdf1690
WP2010-27Authors' e-mail addresses list (Memo 4C/4-178)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf11
WP2010-28HISTORY lines (Memo 4C-4/179)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf17
WP2010-29STATUS lines (Memo 4C-4/177)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf13
WP2010-30Inclusion of possible options to an Entry (Memo CP-C/388)O.Schwerer pdf16
WP2010-31Fission quantity coding (Memo CP-D/599, CP-D/600, CP-D/613)N.Otsuka pdf200
WP2010-32Clarification of usage of MLT and PY in LEXFOR (CP-D/619)N.Otsuka pdf33
WP2010-33Updated of LEXFOR "General Quantity Modifiers" (Memo CP-D/621)N.Otsuka pdf66
WP2010-34Data type (SF9) for data measured by indirect reaction (Memo CP-D/582)N.Otsuka pdf33
WP2010-35Reaction Coding (SF1-SF2) (Memo CP-D/607, CP-D/622)N.Otsuka pdf88
WP2010-36Total cross section in photo-nuclear reaction data (Memo CP-D/629)N.Otsuka pdf54
WP2010-37Use of REACTION combination (Memo CP-D/614)N.Otsuka pdf9
WP2010-38E-RL-CM: Relative energy in center-of-mass system? (Memo CP-D/611)N.Otsuka pdf35
WP2010-39Prompt fission neutron spectra (Memo CP-D/635)N.Otsuka pdf90
WP2010-40Final and intermediate reaction products (Memo CP-C/389)O.Schwerer pdf106
WP2010-41Tools for compilation webpage (Action A53)N.Otsuka pdf170
WP2010-42EXFOR-Editor DevelopmentG.Pikulina, S.Taova pdf70
WP2010-43Actions A16, A17 of NRDC2009 (Memo 4C-4/182rev)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf64
WP2010-44My experience about EXFORA.Makinaga pdf478
WP2010-45NRDF/A Nuclear Reaction Data Files for AstrophysicsK.Kato pdf570
WP2010-46New version of JCPRG digitizer (GSYS2.4) (Memo CP-E/145)R.Suzuki pdf264


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
NDS introductionR.A.Forrest pdf328
NNDC progress reportM.Herman pdf2328
NNDC Report to NRDC on EXFOR activitiesS.Hlavac pdf368
IAEA Nuclear Data Section progress reportS.Dunaeva pdf1149
Progress report on China Nuclear Data CenterGe Zhigang pdf878
Ukrainian Nuclear Data Centre progress reportO.Gritzay pdf182
A status report on EXFOR compilation activities in India and on formation of Nuclear Data Physics Centre of India (NDPCI)S.Ganessan pdf1576
NNDC Report to NRDC on compilation scopeS.Hlavac pdf290
My experience about EXFOR - How NRDC treated our data? -A.Makinaga pdf1845
Duplications in Japanese data caused by compilation on the basis of full journal contentsN.Furutachi pdf62
EXFOR "testing"E.Dupont pdf283
NRDF/A - Nuclear Reaction Data File for Astrophysics in JCPRGK.Kato pdf962
Development of Graph Digitizing System GSYS2.4 (CP-E/145)R.Suzuki pdf402
Presentation at NRDC 2010 meetingN.Otsuka pdf1815