Data Centres

Data CentreMass Chain Responsibility/Activity
National Nuclear Data Center
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Contact: Elizabeth A. McCutchan
A-Chain Evaluations: 45-50,60-73 (ex 62-64,67), 82-88 (ex 83),94-97,99,113-116,
136-145 (ex 140, 141),150,152-165 (ex 153,155,157,158,160,164),175,180-183,189,230-240,>249

Data Dissemination

Maintenance of the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF)
and editorship of the Nuclear Data Sheets

Maintenance of the ENSDF analysis and utility programs
Nuclear Data Project
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Contact: Michael Smith

A-Chain Evaluations: 241-249
Bay Area Nuclear Data Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Contact: Lee Bernstein

A-Chain Evaluations: 21-30,81,83,90-93,166-171,184,186,187,191-193,210-214

Data Dissemination
Triangle University Nuclear Laboratory
Duke University
Contact: John H. Kelley

A-Chain Evaluations: 2-20

Data Dissemination
Argonne National Laboratory
Physics Division
Contact: Filip G. Kondev

A-Chain Evaluations: 109,110,176-179,199-209
Michigan State University
Contact: Jun Chen

A-Chain Evaluations: 31-44
Texas A&M University
Cyclotron Institute
Contact: Ninel Nica

A-Chain Evaluations: 140, 141, 147, 148, 153, 155, 157, 158, 160
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
Contact: Gopal Mukherjee

A-Chain Evaluations: 215-229
Nuclear Data Centre
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI)
Contact: Ivan .A. Mitropolsky

A-Chain Evaluations: 130-135,146
China Institute of Atomic Energy
China Nuclear Data Centre
Contact: Ge Zhigang

A-Chain Evaluations: 51, 62, 195-198
Jilin University
Department of Physics
Contact: Dong Yang

A-Chain Evaluations: 52-56,63,67
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Research Group for Applied Nuclear Physics
Contact: Hideki Iimura

A-Chain Evaluations: 120-129

Data Dissemination
McMaster University
Department of Physics
Contact: Balraj Singh

A-Chain Evaluations: 1,64,74-80,89,98,100,149,151,164,188,190,194

Compilation of experimental nuclear structure data (XUNDL)

Evaluation of super-deformed and magnetic dipole rotational bands
Australian National University
Department of Nuclear Physics
Contact: Tibor Kibedi

A-Chain Evaluations: 172 - 174

Maintenance of the BrIcc data base and related software
Institute of Nuclear Research
Contact: Janos Timar

A-Chain Evaluations: 101 - 105
IFIN- "Horia Hulubei"
Contact: Alexandru Negret

A-Chain Evaluations: 57-59, 117-119
University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski"
Department of Nuclear Engineering
Contact: Stefan Lalkovski

A-Chain Evaluations: 106-108, 111, 112
Nuclear Data Section
International Atomic Energy Agency
Contact: A. Koning/P. Dimitriou

Coordination of the NSDD Network

Data Dissemination