IAEA Coordinated Research Project for
Development of a Database for Prompt Gamma-Ray Neutron Activation Analysis

Data for Na Isotopes (Z=11)

IsotopeAbundanceSigma(old) Sigma(new)Data Intensity Balances Energy Fit
23Na100 %530 5 mb 527 7 mb ENSDFBudapest ENSDFBudapest ENSDFBudapest
References Comments: From primary gammas. Secondary need correction for half-life of isomer
512 3 mb, De Corte
Decay (20.20 ms): 478 4 mb to 472.2 isomer (not corrected for t1/2). 400 30 mb (Mughabghab)
Decay: Observed to 24Ne with t1/2=14.9590 h but not corrected for bombardment time.
Many small problems with intensity balance.
Final adopted data , Intensity balance , Energy/Intensity Fit

Comparison of ENSDF and Budapest Gamma-Ray Data

Final Comparison of Adopted Data, Budapest, and Lone.


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