PGAA Data-Viewer

PGAA-Viewer was developed by Viktor Zerkin (IAEA, NDS), and contains html-pages with large portions of JavaScript and GIF-plots of gamma-ray emissions for each isotope; interactive plotting is provided through the ZVView program.

There are two versions of the Viewer:

Basic Version
can display gamma rays for each element and isotope from the PGAA database. Has been successfully tested on Linux and Windows with Netscape and Internet Explorer, and should also work on any platform with browsers that support JavaScript.

Advanced Retrieval
retrieves gamma rays by applying various criteria (Z-, A-, Energy- and Cross Section-ranges) to select prompt and delayed emissions; sorts emissions by Energy and Cross Section. Search engine is designed in terms of pure JavaScript.

Full Version
Note that some browsers do not satisfy these requirements (see below).
Successfully tested with:
  - Netscape-7.0 on Windows-XP/RAM:512 (loading /LAN:15sec /Internet:1.5 min)
  - Netscape-7.0 on Windows-2000/RAM:256 (loading /LAN:15sec)
  - Netscape-7.0 on Linux/RAM:320 (loading: /LAN:12sec, /CD-ROM:11sec)
  - Mozilla-0.9.9 on Linux/RAM:256 (loading/LAN: 10sec)
  - Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5 on Windows-NT/RAM:640 (loading: /LAN:1.5min, /CD-ROM:1.5min)
  - IE 5.5 on Windows-2000/RAM:128 (loading/LAN: 1min)
Failed on:
  - Netscape-4.7 on Windows-NT/RAM:640 and Linux/RAM:320Mb
  - Konqueror-2.1.1 on Linux

Small Version
A smaller gamma database is attached that contains only those gammas with at least 10% of the intensity of the strongest lines for each element. At least one emission is included for each isotope or decay.

Web design: V.Zerkin, IAEA, August-2002