Phase-space database for external beam radiotherapy

IAEA NAPC Nuclear Data Section

IAEA NAHU Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Section

Project Officer: Roberto Capote

Objective: To build a database and disseminate representative phase-space data of accelerators and Co-60 units used in medical radiotherapy by compiling existing data that have been properly validated.



How to produce and submit phase-space data: The IAEA phsp format was designed to cover both phase-space files and event generators (see phsp contents). We have implemented the IAEA phsp format in a set of read/write routines (Updated: September 2013, see readme file). Native IAEA phsp format is available in EGSnrc and PENELOPE Monte Carlo codes. Geant4 interface to use the native IAEA phsp format is also available. Unfortunately, MCNP does not have a native implementation of the IAEA format. A generic converter from IAEA to ASCII is also available as Once the validated phsp data is produced and documentation is published, you may submit your phsp for review using the upload link here.



How to download phase-space data: You have to select a phsp data type among Co-60 source, linac electron or linac photon phsps. For photon and electron PHSPs you may download the header first to decide which data you want to retrieve. Once decided you should download the PHSP data from the corresponding sub-directory. Please note that the first time access to the selected subdirectory could be slow.

Both the PHSP data and header should be present for the PHSP data to be accesible !

In exceptional cases, you may request a DVD copy of the desired phsp.