Installing and Testing PLOTTAB on LINUX 32 or 64-bit

  1. Download and save either LINUX-32bit or LINUX-64bit to your hard drive. The compressed files contain a subfolder LINUX-32bit and LINUX-64bit, respectively. Decompress the files from the appropriate subfolder into your destination folder for PLOTTAB executable.
  2. Open a command window and make your PLOTTAB executable folder the default directory.
  3. Execute "plottab" from the command window - this will run the included test problem to produce on-screen graphics.
  4. Execute "plotsave" – this will run the included test problem to produce hardcopy Postscript files.

The results should be the same as those shown in the documentation. If these disagree PLEASE notify the author or one of the Technical Contacts. Today there are big differences between various versions of LINUX, so the included executables may not run on your computer. If they don't you will have to create your own xecutables starting from the source code included in the "Source code" link.

Author: Red Cullen