Installing and Testing PLOTTAB on OTHER Systems


The PLOTTAB package is available with executables for WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC-OSX. For ALL OTHER Systems you have to create the executables as follows.

  1. Download and save SOURCES to a folder on your hard drive. The compressed file contains a subfolder SOURCES. Decompress the files in this subfolder into a subdirectory SOURECES within the folder for PLOTTAB on your hard drive. The SOURCES directory contains two sub-directories
    SOURCES = Source code for PLOTTAB
    RUN = Data files used by PLOTTAB.
  2. To create and move codes, the SOURCES directory includes a number of BATCH (.BAT) files that illustrate how to create PLOTTAB and PLOTSAVE. The PLOTTAB coding is very conservative FORTRAN that should Compile and run on most computers.
  3. After you create the executables, copy the executables into the RUN directory.
  4. Open a command window and make this RUN folder the default directory.
  5. To verify the installation, make sure that all eight of the files listed below are in your RUN directory.
    plottab = executable for on-screen graphics
    plotsave = executable for hardcopy PostScript files
    PAGE.DAT = on-line screen option menu
    PLOT.CHR = software character tables
    PLOT.SYM = software symbol tables
    PLOTTAB.INP = input parameters
    PLOTTAB.CUR = continuous curve data
    PLOTTAB.PNT = point data
  6. Execute "plottab" - this will run the included test problem to produce on-screen graphics.
  7. Execute "plotsave" – this will run the included test problem to produce hardcopy Postscript files.

The results should be the same as those shown in the documentation. If these disagree PLEASE notify the author or one of the Technical Contacts.

Author: Red Cullen