Point2021 Data (ENDF/B-VIII.0 Data)     

All Neutron Data Processed into Temperature
Dependent Form Using the PREPRO 2021 Codes

Dermott (Red) Cullen
National Nuclear Data Center, BNL, alumnus; Nuclear Data Section, IAEA, Vienna, alumnus; University of California, LLNL, retired

POINT2021: IAEA-NDS-237 report

ENDF/B-VIII.0  includes 557 Evaluations

First each entire evaluation is included after ENDF2C

(ENDF2C makes evaluations FORTRAN, C and C++ Compatible)

Next each evaluation is divided into 2 Parts

1) Temperature Dependent Data - ENDF MF = 1 to 3

2) Temperature Independent Data - ENDF MF = 4 to 99

To use EACH evaluation you MUST

1) download & uncompress the 2 parts

2) Merge the 2 parts together to define a complete evaluation

Original ENDF/B-VIII.0 Data after ENDF2C

Original Evaluations After ENDF2C (FORTRAN, C and C++ Compatible)

Before resonance reconstruction there is

no temperature associated with this data

Merge Temperature Dependent & Independent Data


Use the PREPRO/MERGER Code to Combine

Temperature Dependent & Independent Data

Download and Uncompress MERGER

Temperature Independent Data

MF=4 to 99

Temperature Independent Neutron Data: ENDF MF=4 to 99

Data are Included for ALL 557 ENDF/B-VIII.0 Evaluations (MF=4 to 99)

Download and Uncompress MF4to99 ONCE (use with ALL temperatures)

Temperature Dependent Data
Temperature Dependent Neutron data: MF=1 to 3

Data at Each Temperature are Included for ALL 557 ENDF/B-VIII.0 Evaluations (MF=1 to 3).

Data at 12 Different Temperatures (13 entries: 0.1eV = 1200 K) are Included.

Download and Uncompress EACH Temperature you are interested in.

For use in applications temperature DEPENDENT (MF=1 to 3) and


Nuclear Reactor Temperatures

0 Kelvin

293.6 Kelvin

600 Kelvin

900 Kelvin

1200 Kelvin

1500 Kelvin

1800 Kelvin

Astrophysical Temperatures

0.1 eV (1200 Kelvin)

1 eV

10 eV

100 eV

1 keV

10 keV



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