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PREPRO 2019 is ENDF/B-VIII.0 Tested and completely FORTRAN, C and C++ compatible

Original 2019 Distribution: August 2019 (2019-1)

(See History for Details of 2019 Updates)

What is PREPRO?

The ENDF/B Pre-processing codes (PREPRO), is a collection of 18 computer codes, which are designed to convert ENDF/B formatted neutron and/or photon data from the originally distributed form to a form in which the data can be used in applications.

These codes also allow you to view the data, on-screen and/or hardcopy.

The ENDF/B Pre-Processing Codes run on virtually ANY Computer.

Pre-Processing code output is Completely FORTRAN, C and C++ Compatible.

Here you can download the codes and documentation for ANY computer.

Here you can also download the BEST Input Parameters to use with each code.


Recent changes in ENDF-6 Format and procedures, as well as the evaluations themselves makes it impossible for versions of the ENDF/B pre-processing codes earlier than PREPRO 2019 (2019-1 Version) to accurately process current ENDF/B-VIII evaluations.

The present codes can handle all existing ENDF/B-VII.0, VII.1 and VIII evaluations.

Documentation is NOT included with downloaded codes for each computer. You must download documentation separately.

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