ENDF-6 Checking & Utility Codes

The ENDF-6 Checking & Utility Codes correct all bugs reported to NNDC as of February 1, 2009 and supersede all previous releases. A detailed log of changes can be found at the begining of the respective FORTRAN sources. The suite of ENDF-6 utility codes includes:

Provided are FORTRAN95 sources as well as Linux, Windows and MAC-OS binaries compiled and staticaly linked using GFORTRAN in case of Linux and Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1.A or Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 Compiler Release 5.50e in case of Windows. The most up-to-date instructions for each of the codes can be found in the comments in the Fortran cource-code for each of the programs.

The four programs present in the 6.13 release: GETMAT, LISTEF, PLOTEF and SETMDC are no longer mantained, but are available upon request in their original form from the NDS.


The original utility codes by C.L. Dunford are described in the Manual (pdf).

The ENDF2C code by D.E. Cullen is described in the IAEA-NDS-0217 document.

Downloads (Source Code & Binaries):

ENDF Utilities      Fortran      Linux 32-bit      Linux 64-bit      Windows
CHECKR checkr.f checkr-linux-32 checkr-linux-64 checkr-windows
FIZCON fizcon.f fizcon-linux-32 fizcon-linux-64 fizcon-windows
INTER inter.f inter-linux-32 inter-linux-64 inter-windows
PSYCHE psyche.f psyche-linux-32 psyche-linux-64 psyche-windows
STANEF stanef.f stanef-linux-32 stanef-linux-64 stanef-windows
ENDF2C endf2c.f endf2c-linux-32 endf2c-linux-64 endf2c-windows

Note: the extension of the Windows executables has been removed to avoid security problems. Please rename e.g. "endf2c-windows" to "endf2c.exe" after downloading. The executable is compatible with 32-bit as well as 64-bit machines.

Test cases: