How to fill Request-Form
All criteria are optional criterion will be used for search
criterion will NOT be used for search
Wildcards are available Al-* means all values beginning with 'Al-'
*ov* means all values with 'ov' in the middle of the code
Selected fields of the Request-Form
are combined for search with logical .AND.
Criteria separated in a field by ' ; '
are combined with logical .OR.
Al-0; Fe-* means data where field value equals to 'Al-0'
or starts with
Intervals (Ranges) of values are defined by '..'
between min and max values
(for those fields, which can not contain '-' it also can be used)
0..20e+6 means Energy Range from 0 to 20 MeV
Z: 26
A: 0,54-57
means Fe-0, Fe-54, Fe-55, Fe-56, Fe-57
User can type values into the text fields.
There is also Help-system based on 'intuitive' interface
which allows user to obtain existing values of the fields
and input them into the fields. Existing values of the fields
in most cases are taken from the databases.
calls Help for given field
for cases when waiting time exceeds 6 sec,
program continue the data preparation in the background
  when program finished background preparation of help data,
it indicates this by 'R' icon
Some of the Help-frames have two sections: Category and Code.
Category-section is used for shifting Code-section to the beginning
of the selected category. Double-click on a line in Code-section will
insert selected code into the criterion-field. See fig. below.
Some of the Help-frames display periodic table of elements.
There are 3 sections: Elements, Isotoped and Additional-values.
Elements wich have data in the database are blue.
Clicking on an element will cause displaying its isotopes.
Double-click on isotope will insert it into the criterion-field.

How to use Select-Form
After you defined your criteria and submitted the request ('Search' button) your panel will be switched to the Select-Form.
Selection should be done using Mouse with the following effects:
Left-Button: select single line;
Left-Button/Double-Click: displays summary of the given line;
<Shift>/Left-Button: adds range to your selection;
<Control>/Left-Button: adds single line to your selection;
Right-Button: select action ftom pull-down menu

International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna, 1999-2003