Title Development of a Reference Database for Particle-Induced Gamma ray Emission (PIGE) Spectroscopy
Author P. Dimitriou, A. Pedro de Jesus
Date May 2014
Institute International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria
Vienna International Centre, P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Note Summary Report of the Third Research Coordination Meeting, 7-11 April 2014, Vienna, Austria
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The Third Research Coordination Meeting (RCM) of the IAEA Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on ‚??Development of a Reference Database for Particle-Induced Gamma-ray Emission (PIGE) Spectroscopy‚?Ě was held at the IAEA, Vienna, from 7 to 11 April 2014. Participants reviewed the progress made since the previous RCM and agreed upon the work that remains to be done by the end of the CRP. The contents of the final Technical Document were discussed and individual chapters were assigned. The summaries of participants‚?? presentations as well as the technical discussions and the list of assigned tasks are included in this report.