Title Nuclear Data for Charged-particle Monitor Reactions and Medical Isotope Production
Author A.L. Nichols, F.M. Nortier, R. Capote Noy
Date Apr 2015
Note Summary Report of the Second Research Coordination Meeting, 8 -12 December 2014, IAEA, Vienna
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A summary is given of the second IAEA research coordination meeting on ‚??Nuclear Data for Charged-particle Monitor Reactions and Medical Isotope Production‚?Ě. Participants re-assessed and reviewed their on-going commitments and progress with respect to specific cross-section and decay data agreed at the previous RCM. Debate focused on cross-section studies for a reasonably wide range of targets and projectiles, along with the relevant recommended decay data for specific radionuclides. Presentations and discussions are described in this report, along with listings of the progress, current status and plans to ensure completion of the various individual work programmes. All presentations are available on the webpage: https://www-nds.iaea.org/index-meeting-crp/CHARPAR-2RCM/F41029-2nd-rcm.htm