Title Summary Report of the 2nd RCM on Testing and Improving of the International Reactor Dosimetry and Fusion File (IRDFF)
Author P. Griffin, L. Greenwood, S. Simakov
Date Jun 2015
Note Summary Report of the Second Research Coordination Meeting, 16-20 March 2015, Vienna, Austria
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The second Research Coordination Meeting (RCM-2) of the Coordinated Research Project (CRP F41031) "Testing and Improving the International Reactor Dosimetry and Fusion File (IRDFF)" was held 16 to 20 March 2015 in IAEA. At this meeting, the attendees presented their individual research contributions to CRP, summarised results and elaborated consolidated recommendations and actions for implementation for the period until RCM-3 which have to take place in the beginning of 2017. This Meeting also considered a perspective of the new Exercise on the verification of the neutron spectrum adjustment codes.