Title FENDL Library for Fusion Neutronics Calculations
Author D. Leichtle and A. Trkov
Date Oct 2019
DOI 10.61092/iaea.7971-8zbz
Note Summary report from the Technical Meeting, 2-5 September 2019, Vienna, Austria
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The status of the FENDL-3.1 library was reviewed in view of the recommendations from the previous meeting in 2018. It was decided to adopt the IAEA INDEN evaluation for 56Fe and a modified 16O evaluation provided by QST and JAEA, Japan. The Activation library will be adopted from TENDL-2017, except for evaluations that are included in the IRDFF-II library; for incident charged particles, preference will be given to the evaluations in the medical isotope cross section library. With the proposed changes the library FENDL-3.2 for fusion neutronics calculations will be released from the IAEA.