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Cross section database for medical radioisotope production

Production of Therapeutic Radionuclides

E.Betak, A.D.Caldeira, R.Capote, B.V.Carlson, H.D.Choi, F.B.Guimaraes, A.V.Ignatyuk, S.K.Kim, B. Kiraly, S.F.Kovalev, E.Menapace, F.M.Nortier, P.Pompeia, S.M.Qaim, B.Scholten, Yu.N.Shubin, J.-Ch.Sublet, F.Tarkanyi, A.L.Nichols, (Editors: S.M.Qaim, F. Tarkanyi, R.Capote), Technical Reports Series No. 473, "Nuclear Data for the Production of Therapeutic Radionuclides", International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria, 2011, ISBN 978-92-0-115010-3.

Nuclear reactors, cyclotrons and accelerators are used for the production of radionuclides for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in nuclear medicine. The assembly of a credible database involved the evaluation of cross-section data to quantify both neutron and charged-particle induced reactions.
All studied radionuclides were divided into two groups:
(a) well-established and commonly used therapeutic radionuclides;
(b) emerging therapeutic radionuclides that are potentially important - their application in medicine has been demonstrated at least once, but further medical work is needed to establish them fully.

All produced data can be retrieved, plotted and compared with other evaluations and available experimental data at the ENDF section of the IAEA/NDS webpage (+Special libraries). Individual ENDF evaluations can be downloaded here. Produced nuclear data are also available in ENDF-6 format for neutrons, protons, deuterons and alpha particles. A description of the formatting procedure for charged-particle induced reactions is given in the report IAEA-NDS-210 (pdf, 68 KB).

Additionally, production cross sections and yields using charged-particle induced reactions for the most important therapeutic radioisotopes are given, with 8 reactions devoted to established radionuclides, and 27 reactions devoted to emerging radionuclides. Definitions of the quantities given - production yields and cross sections - can be found here (PDF,15 kB).

Complete documentation is available, including evaluation methodology, detailed bibliography, graphical and tabulated results. A hardcopy was published as IAEA Technical Report Series 473 (see the full reference above). Evaluation of charged-exchange reactions Zn-64(n,p), Zr-90(n,p)Y-90 and S-32(n,p)P-32 are documented in the technical report "Re-evaluation of Microscopic and Integral Cross-Section Data for Important Dosimetry Reactions" by K.I. Zolotarev - indc-nds-0526 (pdf, 1.4MB).

The database was developed under the IAEA Coordinated Research Project (2003-2007).