Stopping Power of Matter for Ions

Last updates

15 Jan 2017

New data: Fontana 2016 (Fon16): He in Nb2O5 (new figure, with ZW06 data), He in Ta2O5, He in SiO2, O in Ta2O5, Si in SiO2 (updated figures); Fadanelli 2016 (Fa16): H and He in ZnO (new figures).
New figures: H in TiO2 and H in Ga (data already in this database); H in Zn low energy, vs velocity.
Theory: Grande 2016 (Gr16), Quinto 2015 (Quin15) and Garcia-Molina 2011 (GarM11) in figure H in H2O phase effect; Montanari 2014 (Mon14) in figure H in CH4; CasP5.2 en H in Pb; Cabrera-Trujillo 2008 (Cab08) in H+Li.
Updated figures: H in Zn (include Go14 data); He in Al2O3 (include Br98 and Can12 data); H in B, Be, Ni, Li, Pb, HAl2O3, and He in Zn (updated SRIM13); and H in W, Si, Sb, Ge, Ti, Rb, Cr.

06 Sep 2016

New data for H in Au (Vs16), updated figures (vs Energy and vs velocity)
New data for H in Kapton (Dam16), updated figure, SRIM13 included
H in He, H, He, and O in H2, updated figures, SRIM13 included
H in Al2O3, updated figure
H in Cu, updated figure for S vs E and new figure S vs v at low energies
H in H2O, updated figure for phase effect, comparing stopping in solid, gas and liquid water. Data tables for the three cases.
U ions in Mylar, gold and carbon, updated figues, SRIM13 included

04 Aug 2016

New data for Ne in Ag and Pt (Naq16), new figure for Ne in Pt, updated figure for Ne in Ag
New data for H in Al and Mo (Mor16), updated figures
New data for C and O in Si3N4 (Gue16), updated figures
New data for Si and Cu in Si3N4 (Gue16), new figures and previous data for Si in Si3N4 (TEC13)
New data for O and C in Ti (Msi15), updated figures, MSTAR and SRIM13
New data for Mg, Al and Cu in Ti (Msi15), new figures, includes previous data, MSTAR, SRIM13 and CasP5.2
Data and new figure for O in polypropylene and Formvar (Dib15b, Mik15), MSTAR and SRIM13
New data for O in Mylar (Dib15b), updated figure
New data for He in Ag and Sn (Kum15), updated figures, MSTAR and SRIM13
New data for H in Pt (Cel15), updated figure, SRIM13
C and O in polypropylene, updated figure (Mik15), SRIM13
New figures for H in Hf, data (Si84); B in Kapton, data (Ra90); and Al in Ni, data (Fs76, Wr79), SRIM13 and MSTAR
H in Nb, C, Cu, Au, and Ag, updated figures and full data files
He in Al, updated figure, SRIM13 and (Mon06)
Li in Kapto, and O in Polycarbonate, updated figures, SRIM13, and full data files

10 Apr 2016

Data and new figures for Al, Si and Cu in PVC (Dib15), SRIM13 and MSTAR
Data for C and O in Kapton (Mik16), updated figures
H in H2, updated figure
Data for C, Al, Si, and Cu in Mylar (Dib15b), updated figures and SRIM13
Data and new figures for F and Mg in Mylar (Dib15b), MSTAR and SRIM13
Data and new figures for C, F, Al, Si, Mg in polypropylene (Dib15b), previous data included, SRIM13 and MSTAR
Data and new figures for C and F in Formvar (Dib15b), SRIM13
Figure for Mg in Formvar, data (Gue14), SRIM13
Figure for Mg in Polycarbonate, data (Shr02), MSTAR and SRIM13

15 Dec 2015

Data and Figures C and O in Si3N4 (Mik15 and BA15)
Data C and O in Polypropylene (Mik15)
Data and Figures He in Al, Ti and Ni (Diw15)
Figure for He in TiO2, data (Lb96, Li14b)
Figures for H, He, and O in H2.

16 Oct 2015

Data for Nd, Pm, Sm in Cd, La in Sn, I in Ag, Cs in Sn (Pas15)

15 Apr 2015

Data for H and He ions in LiNbO3 (BA14b)

16 Mar 2015

Data for H and He ions in Zn and In (Gö14)

25 Oct 2014

Data for H and He ions in TiO2 (Lb96, Li14b); for H ions in H, He and N gas (Cn14)

12 Sep 2014

Theory for H in graphite, polystyrene (deVera14); for H, He, Li and Na in random graphene (Oja14). Data for C and Si ions in SiO2, and for C, Si and Cu ions in HfO2 (Msi14)

15 May 2014

Data for Li, C and O ions in Mylar, PEEK, polycarbonate (Mik14), for He in HfO2 (Pr14b); theory for H and He ions in LiF amd SiO2 (Mao 14)

26 Feb 2014

Data for Cl, Br, I, Au ions in SiC and SiO2 (Jin14); for U ions in Au (Ech13), Xe ions in C, Ni, Au (Ech14); H and He ions in hydroxyapatite (Li14); Au ions in SiC (Jin13); H ions in Pd (MS14); H ions in LiF (Dm13). Theory for H, He ions in Al, Au and H ions in LiF (Zeb12, Zeb13).

4 Feb 2014

Data for Mg, Al, Si in Formvar, Mg in Ta, Si in Ag, Al in Mylar (Gue14); for C, O, Cl, Br, I ions in Al2O3, Ta2O5, Si nitrate (Miz13); for Ne in Au (Pr13b) and H in HfO2 (Pr14). Theoretical curves for H in Si (Akk14), H in H2O (Sing14), H in water and methane (Mon14). Data for H in Ge (Rt13)

21 Jan 2014

Data for Ne in Au, for Kr in He, N2, Ne, Kr (Vok13).

16 Sep 2013

Data for U in C and Au, H in SrTiO3, Pd, Pt, Ag; He in Pt, Ag

25 Feb 2013

Single points from TEC13 for Cu, I and Au in O2, Si, Hf; Ni and Au in Ni; Ni and Br in Al2O3 and Ta2O5. C and O in Ta2O5. C, N, O, Si, Cl ions in silicon nitride

5 Feb 2013

Diwan01 fit curve for Cu in Al; new data by Pr12 for H, He in Au, Pt; by Chk12 for O, F, Si in Mylar. New data for C in Si; Ni,Cu, I, Au in C; I in Al; He, C, O in GaN and TiO2; Cl in Ta2O5; H,C in Al2O3; H, He in Formvar; C in ZrO2

21 Sep 2012

Low energy data for H, He in Al. Theories: Zeb12 for low energy H, He in Au, for H in H2O by Francis11. Fits by Jav12 for XeAl, ArC, KrC

17 Feb 2012

Fitted curves by Barb10 added. New version of theory by Schiwietz-Grande (SG11). Mylar data by Amm11.

12 Oct 2011

New data for H in water, for low energy H and He in Au and Cu, for He in InN, and for C and O in Zn. Accurate point for He in Si.

29 Mar 2011

New data for H, He, Li, B, Al, Mg, F, O, Br, I ions in Ag, Al, Au, Be, C, Ni, Si, Formvar, PHB, TiO2, UF4, ZrO2 by Dm10, Hs10, MD10, Msi10, Sik10, Brd67a and Brd67b.

20 Sep 2010

New graphs for H in He, Cu, LiF and in condensed H2O, for Li in Si and in polypropylene; new data for H in fluorides and in halogenated hydrocarbon compounds, and for Li, C, O in polypropylene added

26 Feb 2010

New data for H, He, Be, B, O, F, Ar, Kr, Au, U ions by Bbi10, BF09, Can09, CL09, Emf09, ZW09

11 Jan 2010

Theoretical curves for heavy ions added: CasP 4.0 and Arista09

20 Oct 2009

Theoretical curves for H, He in liquid water, and for H in W, Au, Pb and Bi. Low energy stopping values for H, He in LiF, KCl, and SiO2. New data for Xe and Y ions, for He, Li and heavy ions in Si, and for Ti in Au added.

23 Jun 2009

New data for H ions in Au, Si and liquid water and for He in Si added

12 Jun 2009

Theoretical END curves for hydrogen ions by Cab00, Cab02, Cab05, Cab08 and tables of optical oscillator strengths added.

29 Jan 2009

Stopping curves from Dent08 and data for Kr and Xe in silicon added. New version of data collection

6 Nov 2008

Data for H in water vapor, Cl and Si in polymers, Li in Zn, and Au in Ni added

4 Sep 2008

Data for heavy ions in polymers, and for protons in AlF3 added

16 Jun 2008

Curve from YC02 for He in Si added

4 Jun 2008

Points due to Vs00 for H in Pd and Au corrected

26 May 2008

File reinstalled that had been removed by mistake.

25 Apr 2008

Data for U ions by Brn72 added.

8 Feb 2008

Threshold effect for H and He in Au. Li ion data by YuH08. I reduced the size of the source code by a factor two using wordcleaner by textism.

12 Oct 2007

New data for He in Si and SiC, and for Cu in Au.

13 July 2007

Better presentation of gas/solid difference for He ions in gases. Update of *.zip files.

14 May 2007

Data by Hs07, Sun07, YuH07, and Zad07 added (not all in graphs)

7 Mar 2007

Section "Statistical Analysis" reorganized and beginning of page improved. Curves from Abr07 added to figures. Download of MSTAR corrected.

10 Jan 2007

Data by Fer06, Kny06, MP07, WD06, Zha06c added (not all in graphs)

31 Aug 2006

Data by Al04, HA05ab, Dm06, Per06, MM06, Fet06 added

14 Mar 2006

Recent articles added

13 Dec 2005

New data for air, H2, H2O, LiF, SiC, polycarbonate, aluminum oxide and other targets included

17 Oct 2005

Included new section with all the experimental data files

1 Sep 2005

PASS curves added to many graphs

26 Aug 2005

New section "Statistical Analysis" added

23 Jun 2005

Many additional data and corresponding graphs added, especially for H and He ions in (new) compounds

30 May 2005

List of compound targets brought up to date

4 Apr 2005

List of compound targets (for H and He ions) added

28 Nov 2004
7 Feb 2005

Many additional data and new graphs added, especially for H and He ions in air and compounds. Zip files brought up to date

1 Sep 2004

Some new graphs and remarks for H, He, and Li ions

24 Jun 2004

Many comments added to graphs for H and He ions

16 Jun 2004

Recent data added for various ions in Si, and for Au, Pb, and U projectiles

29 May 2004

Naglib routine S15AEF in MSTAR replaced by a local routine (MSTAR 3.12)

22 Apr 2004

Recent data added for He ions in Ag, Ar, Au, Cr, Cu, He, Kr, Mg, Mo, N2, Ne, Ni, O2, Ti, Xe. New graphs for H ions in Br, Cl, and Graphite.

26 Mar 2004

Data added for He ions in Al, Ar, Be, Bi, C, Co, Cr, Cu, Dy, Fe, Ge, H2, He, Kr, Mo, N2, Ne, Ni, O2, Pb, Se, Si, Sn, Ta, Ti, V, W, Xe,, Y. Many new graphs.

11 Mar 2004

Data added for H ions in Au, Be, C, Cd, Cr, Cu, H, He, In, N, Ni, Pb, Pd, Sn, Xe, Zr; for He ions in Ag, Au, Si; for Li ions in Cu, Zn; for N ions in Au. Corresponding zip-files updated

22 Dec 2003

Data added for Li ions.

New or updated graphs for H ions in H2, He, Be, N2, O2, Mg, Al, Ti, V, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Ge, Mo, Ag, Sn, Sb, Ta, Pt, Au, Pb, and Bi targets. New list of data files for H ions.

14 Nov 2003

New graphs added for H, Li, C, Mg, and Ag ions; zip files updated, new.

9 Jul 2003

New graphs for Li, O, Ti, Nb, Xe, W, Au, Pb and U ions

26 Jun 2003

*.zip files containing ORIGIN files updated. New section "Oscillations" added

28 May 2003

Graphs for H ions with gas-solid effect. Some data by Whl02 (in Si) added; also LiX02b

8 Apr 2003

New version 3.11 of MSTAR also calculates B, Zr, and Ta targets

3 Apr 2003

Graphs for new targets: B, Ta, Zr

1 Apr 2003

Many new targets for Kr ions added

13 Feb 2003

Many compounds added

06 Feb 2003

Several Z03 curves added. Universal plots renewed.

24 Jan 2003

*.zip files containing ORIGIN files updated

02 Dec 2002

New version (3.00) of MSTAR, based on the new data, and nickel target data

04 Sep 2002

Added new data by Ala01, Ala02, Ara02, Aze02, Hak02, Kha01, LiX02, Pen01, Shr02, Trz02, Whl02a, Zha02b. Redundant data by Hv68 removed.

12 Mar 2002

Mylar, Kapton and graphite graphs added. Also curves by Northcliffe and Geant4

21 Nov 2001

Structure of page reorganised. Data files up to 36Kr ions completed. Some graphs for Xe and U ions added.

17 Oct 2001

Some graphs corrected, Mylar data added, Hiraoka and MSTAR curves added, tables updated

15 Oct 2001

Links to computer programs added

19 Jul 2001

*.zip files updated, some new. Universal curves updated

27 Jun 2001

Data for K, Ar, Ca, Sc, Ti ions added

9 May 2001

An78 data (Li ions) added, Bi90 data (O ions) removed, LuX00 data (O and F ions) added

13 Nov 2000

Universal curves added; Li ions on Al, C ,Cu ,H2 ,He ,Ne ,Ni; B on Al, C; O on C, Ni

6 Sep 2000

C, N, O on carbon; O on aluminum

30 May 2000

New graphs for gas targets. New data by Hu99, Ang00, Hu00, She00 for solid targets

6 Apr 2000

Improved graphs for C, O, Ar projectiles (new Ziegler and GS curves), etc.

15 Mar 2000

New/improved graphs: H on Al, C, Gd, Pt, Ta, W; C on Ag, Au; S on Ag, H, Kr;Cl on Ar, H

10 Jan 2000

Additional points by Si84 for H on Al, Gd, Pt, Ta, and W

21 Dec 1999

New graphs: H on Gd ,Pt; B on Ag,Au; Mg on Ag,Al. Others improved.

24 Nov 1999

Improved layout, and some new data.

18 Oct 1999

Correction: Points of Po60 for O projectiles had been plotted at wrong energies.