Evaluation of neutron induced reactions on tungsten isotopes

IAEA NAPC Nuclear Data Section

Project Officer: Roberto Capote

Objective: To re-evaluate neutron induced reactions on W-180,W-182,W-183,W-184
and W-186 isotopes combining available experimental data and benchmark results.
Covariance information should be included in evaluated files.

May 2009 : Final evaluation released

A commented summary of evaluation results is available

Detailed graphical comparison of IAEA,FZK, TENDL-08 and ENDF/B-VII evaluations

All files for the IAEA evaluation are listed below:
ENDF files,
ACE library for MCNP,
Directory file for the ACE library,
Processed covariance files in Vitamin-J group structure and
Processed GENDF files in Vitamin-J group structure.

Please cite the following publications:
1) "Evaluation of tungsten isotopes in the fast neutron range including cross
section covariance estimation", R. Capote, A. Trkov, I. Kodeli, E. Soukhovitskii,
L.C. Leal, M. Herman and D.W. Muir in Proceedings of the International Conference
on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology, April 22-27, 2007, Nice, France,
editors O.Bersillon, F.Gunsing, E.Bauge, R.Jacqmin, and S.Leray, EDP Sciences, 2008,
pp 689-692. Available online at http://nd2007.edpsciences.org/articles/ndata/pdf/2007/01/ndata07629.pdf
2) "Evaluation of Tungsten Nuclear Reaction Data with Covariances",
A. Trkov, R. Capote, I. Kodeli, L. Leal, Nuclear Data Sheets 109 (2008) 29052909.

HISTORY: Evaluation process started on February 26, 2007; ended on May 2, 2009.

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