Nuclear Reaction Data and Uncertainties for Radiation Damage

Technical Meeting (F4-TM-52919), 13-16 June 2016, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria
in support of CRP Primary Radiation Damage Cross Sections


Meeting is organized to implement the Recommendation of RCM-2 (see INDC(NDS)-0691, Section III.4):
   "4. We need to improve the accuracy and consistency of PKA spectra, including recoils from the neutron absorption reactions. Differences are seen currently between different evaluations. We need to try to establish the most reliable data, and this would be recommended by CRP, and provide a quantitative uncertainty estimate.
   Uncertainties are needed for the PKA spectra, KERMA, gas production and damage energy. PKA spectra are derived from all nuclear reactions, so their uncertainties are affected by the accuracy of the neutron cross section total and spectral data. Methods for their estimation should be established.
   The IAEA NDS should organize a meeting to address these issues."

Following these purposes, the specific issues to be addressed are:

Meeting Summary Report:



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