Neutron Spectral Adjustment Exercise REAL-201X

This project got a name REAL (Reaction Rates Estimates, Evaluated by Adjustment Analysis in Leading Laboratories) during the first exercise REAL-80
Duration period of the new Exercise REAL-201X: 201X - 201X


    The Workshop 5 "Cross Section, Nuclear Data, and Uncertainties" at ISRD-15 (May 2014, Aix-en-Provance) requested the Nuclear Data Section of IAEA to organize a neutron spectral adjustment exercise similar to REAL-88 (NMF-90) (or predecessors REAL-84, REAL-80).
   RCM-2 (March 2015, see Report "INDC(NDS)-0682") of the IAEA CRP "Testing, Validation and Improving of IRDFF" has elaborated following Recommendations for this Exercise.

Suggestions for datasets that might be used

Tentative Cases currently under analysis/selection/preparation for Exercise (not finished yet)

NB! The new REAL preparation phase goal is a collection of the INPUT information, i.e. RR and Spectra, which should also include the reasonably estimated uncertainties and correlations!
   (we have to do this to be at least not worse than previous REAL-88 which had such 'complete inputs', see uncertainties and correlations below, e.g. in: PS1)

Tips for correlation matrix construction:
- RR: give a few % correlation among RRs that will try to account for commonly used standards, detectors, etc.
- Spectrum measured: estimate correlation for the ToF or other method used
- Spectrum calculated (fission): estimate correlation between thermal, 1/E and fast components, e.g. see J.G.Williams et al., "Covariance Matrixes for Calculated Neutron Spectra and Measured Dosimeter Response", ISRD-13 (May 2008), p.343
- Tool for construction of the correlation matrix from the (un)correlated uncertainties (in test yet): here (use, e.g. MERC - Medium Energy Range Correlation).

The cross sections for dosimetry reactions and cover materials schould be used from: IRDFF-1.05 and new evaluation 209Bi(n,xn), x=3-10

The dpa cross section for natural Fe is recommended to use: dpa for Fe
(details of NJOY-2012 processing of the ENDF/B-VII.1 isotope cross sections: input file, then you have to modify the beginning of tape90 as shown in tape81 to finish proccessing by GROUPR)

Cases rejected from this Exercise

Six Cases have been considered by previous Exercise REAL-88 (NMF-90) (see directory DEMO\disc1\refs) at IAEA or IAEA179 ZZ-NMF-90 at NEA (see directory PROGRAMS\DEMO\EXE\REF)

NB: All Spectra and Reaction Rates have covariance matrices!

Dosimetry reaction cross sections database used: IRDF-90 (640 gr)

Exercise Requirements for each case

Exercise Reporting Requirements

Potentially applicable computer codes

Preparation Team: C. Destouches, G. Zerovnik, L. Greenwood, P. Griffin, I. Kodeli, M. Angelone, C. Konno, M. Majerle, M. Stefanik, + M. White, + A. Kahler ?
Contact persons at NDS or KIT: S. Simakov, A. Trkov, R. Capote
Contact e-mail of NDS: NDS