Reference Database for Beta-Delayed Neutron Emission

The overall objective of the Coordinated Research Project (2013-2018) was to create a Reference Database for Beta-Delayed Neutron Emission that contains an organised compilation of existing experimental, evaluated and theoretical data on beta-delayed neutron emission, and is readily available.

  Microscopic Database
  Macroscopic Database

The database includes a compilation of all existing measured beta-decay half-lives and delayed-neutron emission probabilities of individual precursors, and the recommended values based on evaluations performed by the CRP evaluators. Where a delayed-neutron spectrum has been measured there is a link to the corresponding spectrum file. The database also provides access to theoretical models and systematic parameterizations.

The macroscopic database includes all published experimental and evaluated total delayed neutron yields (nubars), delayed neutron decay paramaters (ai,Ti), and composite delayed neutron spectra for various fissioning systems. New recommendations for 6- and 8-group parameters are also provided.
Individual Precursors Total Delayed Neutron Yields Group parameters Delayed Neutron Spectra