Technical Meeting on Nuclear Data for Anti-neutrino Spectra and Their Applications

23-26 April 2019, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

The Nuclear Data Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency is holding a Technical Meeting on Nuclear data for anti-neutrino spectra and their applications, from 23 to 26 April 2019.

The idea is to bring together experts from the broad spectrum of physics, theory and measurements, related to anti-neutrino studies for basic sciences (mixing angle in neutrino oscillations) and for applications (reactor monitoring with anti-neutrino detection), to review the current status of:

-neutrino anomalies and the sterile neutrino hypothesis
-existing measurements of integral beta spectra
-recent Daya Bay, Double Chooz and Reno results on spectra measurements
-results from short baseline experiments Prospect, SoLid, Neutrino-4/DANSS, NEOS
-conversion method and uncertainties, corrections
-summation method and impact of nuclear data (beta decay data; fission yield data; uncertainties and correlations)
-nuclear data libraries (ENDF/B; JEFF; JENDL)

The goal is to (a) assess the sensitivity of the observations to uncertainties affecting large and short-baseline anti-neutrino measurements, (b) address the limitations and uncertainties of the theoretical methods (conversion vs summation), (c) estimate their dependence on the available data (beta spectra, decay data, fission yields), and finally (d) make recommendations for the existing measurements, theories and evaluations and e) new proposals for the future where needed.

The meeting will start on Tuesday 23 April in the afternoon, and finish on Friday 26th April again in the afternoon.

The meeting will include presentations from experts covering the above listed topics and discussions that will lead to a list of recommendations for the relevant scientific community.

Summary report of the meeting is available as an INDC(NDS)-0786 report.

A list of abstracts is given below. Presentations are available in a separate table below.


Meeting participants photo 1/photo 2